New Unicycle Hour Record! 27.027km

Mirjam Lips set the womens Unicycle Hour World Record last night during Unicon 18, in San Sebastian, Spain.

She rode 27.027km in 1hr, surpassing Nadine Wegners previous record of 23.65km

Check it out:

That’s about 16.8 mph, almost 17 mph. FANTASTIC :D:D:D

I notice she’s not using handle bars, she’s just holding the grip handle. Does that help prevent wheel twitch more so than a longer reach using handle bars.

That doesn’t look like a 36er, unless she’s insanely tall :astonished:

That’s awesome.

I was surprised that she wasn’t riding a 36", but the cranks looked really short.

Very fast and very cool.

Jeez, am I slow with only 14km in an hour

I reckon she has a geared hub.

Mirjam rode a 29" geared Unicycle. I’m not sure of crank length but will post once I find out.

I can’t speak for Mirjam, but a lot riders (myself included) keep at least one hand close to the saddle for stability.

Definitely making me think yet again that a G29 is the way forward. Build that thing up with a nice light carbon rim and chuck some 100mm cranks on it and you’d fly way quicker than anything else on the road [on one wheel] :smiley:

I think she had a short KH handle on there; her hands were a little in front of the saddle if I remember correctly (took some pictures, which I’ll have to check when I can see them). And I think a handle reduces twitch, if any, rather than enhancing it. At least I know this is true for a geared 36" IMHO.

I personally found going for shorter cranks reduced the twitching a fair bit on its own, so her using as short cranks as she was probably got rid of all but the most subtle twitching (Not to mention she’s obviously a ridiculously skilled rider to power that speed in the first place) :smiley:

Hello John. If you stop the video at 1:11 you can see more clearly that she has no handle bars. When riding my 36er on trails I use a shorter reach than when riding on the cycle path.

Thanks Ken. I might give that a try :slight_smile:

I watched the video of you breaking the one hour record.

p.s. Anyone wanting to see GizmoDuck setting his world record?

Then just google Ken Looi.

Just checked with Mirjam. She was riding 125mm cranks and no handlebar, just the plastic handle.

Thanks Ken :slight_smile:

That’s not even THAT short! 125mm on a G29 seems about standard to me rather than stupendously short 89mm or something. :astonished: