new unicycle game

has anyone seen this awesome game? its quite a challenge. my best so far is 20 seconds

heres the link

31.8 :smiley:

there has been like 5 freaking posts for this game :angry:



now that is fantastic!although i am crap 20.4 :frowning:

1:01 :stuck_out_tongue:


this would be a lot easier in real life :frowning:

wonder if the game creater knows how to unicycle?


Re: new unicycle game

tennisgh22 wrote:
> 142.7
> this would be a lot easier in real life :frowning:
> wonder if the game creater knows how to unicycle?
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I certainly do :stuck_out_tongue:

Been unicycling for a few years now, I currently own a regular 24" and
a 29" with short cranks. I even got my sister into it :smiley:

I made that game as my first flash game because I thought it would be
cool and there probably aren’t too many unicycling games out there. I’m
amazed at how many sites have nicked it, so I’m glad I put the link to
my site within the game.

  • Tim (gfxmonk)

tim, as the game’s creater, what is your high score? what is the all time high score? just curious





pretty bad i guess




sorry mgrant i refuse to let anyone take the high score! :stuck_out_tongue:

9.5 seconds, gah! It’s hard with a trackpad. =P

Re: new unicycle game


the computer won’t load the high scores
I’ve let it run for a few minutes, but it just won’t load. I practiced a while,
too :slight_smile:

I am stuck at like… 45 second mark. It seems like some wbsites are a bit more touchy when you play it.


Re: new unicycle game

Well actually I spent so much time testing it as I was making it that I
got pretty good at it, and so since I finished it I’ve never actually
played it until I fell off, I tend to get bored before that happens :wink:

The all time highest according to the record log on my site is 21
minutes, but I’ve had people tell me they’ve got up to 40 minutes…

  • Tim.

5.6 seconds.

I HATE IT!:frowning:


i think im better in reality at riding then at this game… eek! my personal best is 00:07:5