new unicycle for performer


I’m looking to get a new unicycle for my juggling shows and was hoping you may be able to help me decide which one to get. It’s a long time since I bought a uni and the available models have changed a lot.
I currently perform with a 5ft DM giraffe, however I am looking to get a standard small unicycle for indoor venues and parties where there isn’t space for the giraffe. I intend to do a clowning routine with it, then juggling clubs while rocking/hovering on the uni. So I don’t need a high-tech trials uni, just something simple. However I do want one that will last me for years and not keep breaking or needing repairs.
I like the idea of one with a bright blue frame, bright blue seat, bright blue wheel maybe?

The other consideration is whether to get a 16" wheel or 20" wheel.
I know 20" is quite standard for adults, however I am wondering whether 16" may have advantages for me.
Would it be easier to ride the 16" in a smaller area?
Being used to the giraffe I have found rocking back and fore on a 20" standard unicycle to be much more tiring than my giraffe. As the 16" travels less distance back and fore than the 20" while rocking would I find it less tiring to hover in one spot?
The 16" would be smaller and easier to carry. I don’t intend to use the uni for anything other than shows and don’t need to be able to ride longer distances on it.
I’m 5’ 11", would I be too tall for a 16" wheel or need to buy a longer seat post?

Hope you can help,

Mr. Phil,

I’d recommend the Nimbus II which comes with a 20".

It would last forever doing what you’re talking about and doesn’t cost too much.

You’re logic about the 16" wheel makes sense but they aren’t geared towards adult sized people. You would probably have to buy a longer seat post to get it to the proper seat hight you would need. Torker’s don’t get much respect but honestly they last indefinately if you don’t abuse them. They make a 16" for much less than $100.

As for colored tires, this place has them listed in all the colors you mentioned:

While I understand the reasons you want something smaller/lighter, take note that you will lose a lot of “size” or production value without the giraffe. I always enjoyed using my (6’) giraffe in areas with low ceilings and low-hanging objects, but then again I was a unicycle specialist and didn’t mind the challenge. For example I used to love climbing onto the unicycle and then riding right up against a low hanging curtain or other object, right to where it covers my face, and then pretend to be totally disoriented, waving my arms around and looking out of control. :slight_smile:

For your intended use, the most wear & tear any unicycle will get is between performances. In my case, being loaded in and out of the car (along with other unicycles and props) is what causes the majority of cosmetic damage to unicycles. For the riding part, any decent brand-name unicycle of today will last you a long time. For the blue/blue/blue colors you’re looking for, Bondo provided a link to a very good cycle. You could also try to find one with a mag wheel, like Jugglebug used to make. I found this link to some colorful ones: On the downside, you can see from the picture that these are “kids” unicycles, and not as robust as a Nimbus or Torker, for example. They are, however, cheap enough to replace if they turn crappy after a few years. I think you only get blue in the 20", but you can ask the vendors. 16" vs. 20" 16" will be smaller and lighter, and needs slightly less space to maneuver, but you will find the pedals hitting the floor more. If your space is really tight, like a birthday party in a living room, it’s definitely worth considering. The downside, again, is that pretty much all 16" unicycles are made with kids in mind. Light kids. The components aren’t up to the same spec as they will be on a quality 20".

In theory yes, but in practice I think no. What you’re noticing is the difference between being on a giraffe and being low to the ground. Idling is harder at ground level, and I think the 16" will idle about the same. As for space, if you’re worried about space concerns while idling, it means you don’t expect to actually ride anywhere at all…

Most likely. If you order from a vendor you can talk to on the phone, like, you can explain your needs and they should be able to hook you up with the right size of post. EDIT: Sorry about all those &quote;s – I think I need to restart my browser or something…

I would recommend a trials uni

I think Nimbus used to make a 16 ISIS trials uni, but it is not on their site now. So scratch the 16 idea, the Torker cx and other 100 ish $ 16’s are made for children. It will only last a week for you unless the tiny seat kills your ass before you squash that toy like a bug.

I can idle my KH 19 in my small living room while watching movies. It should meet all your small venue criteria easily.

For show purposes, Koxx one and Nimbus have the best color options. Although come to think of it, once you are set on blue, the KH color options are excellent also.

A trials uni is 3 x the cost of regular 20’s, but looks much better, is the same size and weight, comes with a great seat, and won’t break until you have ridden it off too many cliffs. It gives you options, ride it off the stage, then hop back up the stairs. The giraffe guys will be jealous. Most people have never seen someone do that. The tough uni you would need to learn that skill has only existed for the past few years. Did I mention the blue KH looks great ? You are a performer. If you don’t get a KH with those shiny cranks, the lameness of the appearance of anything cheaper you choose will cost you, assuming you are any good. Look good = profit !

Sometimes (usually), KH is kinda pricey. There are occasional year old stock sales, where you can get last years KH for a Nimbus price. But if you can’t wait months, pretty much all the ISIS crank trials unis are very good. Look at renegade (koxx one) and UDC (Nimbus ). Prices can vary and change, so do a lot of Googling to find the best current price, and look for gossip in rec sports.
You can order the shiny KH cranks as an option on your Nimbus trials. Do it, eye candy is your friend and business partner.:wink:

where are you located? the choice would depend on your country…

Hi, sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to this. Thank you very much for your replies.
I’m based in the uk.
Thanks for the advice on the 16" frame idea. I guess I’ll give that a miss.
I really like the look of that KH uni, and think your points are valid. Unfortunately I can’t justify spending that much at present however may look into it at a later date.
I think for now I’ll just get the cheapest 20" with a blue frame and add a blue tyre, and then upgrade it in a couple of years.


i have a 20" oddballs trainer unicycle and it great for performances allthough its only a training unicycle its still efficient and will last you. also have you considered buying a small 12" unicycle as i got one recently for only £15 from ebay.

20" nimbus x

Give us a call and we can go through the opions with you. I think we have some Club 20" unicycles in Blue that may meet your requirements.

We could also sort you 16" Trials in Blue with a long seatpost.

Look out for Oddballs Trainers… they sell more than one type of unicycle under that name. If it is the one with the CrMO hub it is ok as this one is made for professional use, they sell another that looks basically the same and is bascally cheap Chinese crap.

0800 980 0711

I’m not sure if there is a moderator on this forum, but I think one retailer publicly slagging off another retailer’s products should not be allowed.

I feel the poster should remove the post above…



He’s just saying to make sure to get the good version because there are two with the same name. If I was in the OP’s position that would be exactly the kind of advice I was looking for.

Simple answer is NO.

I have offered fair advice. I have not advised not to buy from Oddballs. I have adviced correctly, they sell 2 products that have the same name. One that is produced in Taiwan that is a quality product and one from China that in my opinium is a lower quality product. I did not slate Oddballs.

What I will say is that is the ONLY unicycle shop in the UK that holds 160 different models unicycle in stock. They also are the only shop in the UK that holds spares for all these models. I don’t often say this, but I am proud of the service that we can provide.

What I suggested to Mr Phil was that he contact us and I would see if we could supply his need. He asked for something quite specific and I believe we could supply it. As anyone will know who has talked to me, I will advice to go else where if I think you will get a more appropriate product else where.


one more option to consider would be the qu-ax luxus unicycles. I do believe this would be one of the above mentioned 160 uni types held by in england… the reason for this is that there are 7 color options and you can basically change the color of the seat and the tire to get a unicycle that would look unique for performances. I t might cost a little extra, but it will make it unique.

It’s remarkable that a retailer cautioning for a product of a competititor (backed up with detailed arguments) seems a problem to you, while with someone stating:

did not make you ring an (orange) alarm-bell about independant advice.

Calling for a mod says more about you. Mods are for people who can’t handle freedom, and for people who don’t respect the freedom of others.

I have no probem with one retailer publicly slagging off another retailer’s products, as long it’s with arguments.
That would benefit unicyclists looking for a good unicycle (or just advice), don’t you think?

If someone with the brain of Roger wanted make a lot of money out of people, than unicycles and parts would not be on top of his list of methods within his capabilities.

You would have made more sense if you blamed him for discriminating Chineze products. Which bytheway are crap in general, but not per se.

hey hey,

I just got my new unicycle.
I got a 16" Qu-ax luxus in blue with a yellow tyre, a nimbus seat and a long seat post.
All from Roger at great service from roger, thank you.

I’m finding it easy to ride and seems a lot less energy to ride and hover than the 20", so really happy with it.


Good to hear Mr. Phil.


You might want to re-read Roger’s post. He was stating that a competitor has well made trainers and not well made trainers. He did not say avoid doing business with that vendor.

I’ve come to realize Roger has made huge contributions to the sport. He has designed many excellent products across the unicycle spectrum. He also pipes in often and helps people out on this forum. Yes he sells unicycles but he doesn’t cross the line when talking about business here on the forum. In fact, he handles it in an admirable fashion.

Thank you Roger!