New unicycle distributor! by JOE Campbell in USA

Hey guys! Im starting up a unicycle business to provide top quality unicycles and unicycle parts at a low price for all the unicycle enthusiasts out there. For right now i have KOXX trials unicycles and parts! There will be more to come if there is enough people buying up this shipment.

Koxx Devil unicycles, Green Spirit frames, and Alien Backflip frames, and Black Domina frames, Devil Frames. All of the full wheels come standard with double butted spokes and the seats are all luxury saddles. (this is an upgrade if your not familiar). You can choose whatever cranks you want when ordering a unicycle, no extra charge or anything silly like that.

I will sell parts as well, but im trying to stay with larger orders.
If you want pics first look online at Koxx Products first. Or Possibly the Koxx website If you really want me to, I can take a pic and post it here on the forum too if you cant find information or pics online. I will have a website eventually.

Contact me for pricing. I guarrantee that my prices stay lower than any uni distributor. I will ship the orders out immediately. USA shipping rates are around twenty five dollars and Canada shipping is about 35 dollars for any order unless you order two unicycles or something crazy.

Goal: My goal is to make the sport grow and get cheap parts to all the aliens out there, not to make a profit, cause profit is for old people with responsibilities.

Payment: Paypal, Money order, Check. If you Paypal me, please include your address so I wont go searching through random emails on three different websites

Cell Phone1 559 859 3287… my texting doesnt always work
Facebook me:!/profile.php?id=1575207501
Private message: on this forum.

Sponsorship: Your already sponsored, welcome to the team.

Here is some videos of me riding if your not famiar with who I am as a unicycle rider.

oh yea, thanks in advance for interest :slight_smile:

in the future i will be interested. at the moment i dont have the skills nor the bills to get good unicycles. …ok, seriously. that was the coolest thing i have ever typed.
“dont have the skills nor the bills”
i am awesome

You’re awesome too, Joe! Best of luck with your new venture!

Everyone else, jump on this deal now, before Joe figures out that whole “profit math” thing. :smiley:

I wish you success.

We need a distributor in the western united states for uni/parts.

I just looked where Kingsburg is. One day shipping for me. Wooo Hooo
Now if I just needed anything . . . Pretty set for unis and parts right now.

I look forward to updates.

well, if you wanted to send me some stuff to try out, i’d be happy to. you’d have to pay me though.

dont act like this. ok? thanks :slight_smile:

your awesomer John! I know how good u are with the ladies… IUF Skill Levels video, 1989???

whoa…chill man it’s called a joke.

lol cool man. ya no problem, u wanna ride sometime? come to fresno! :slight_smile:

That sounds cool, I hope you get a lot of orders. :slight_smile:
I wish you were a bit closer to me.

Awesome! The West Coast(Best Coast) needs more unicycle distributors!

Can we arrange for pick up to avoid shipping costs and times? Are you going to be carrying all Koxx models(specifically the freestyle longneck unis)? ANy plans to braoden your inventory to include say, titanium frames? or Kris Holm/Schlumpf products? Why should we purchase from you as opposed to say Renegade, Bedford or UDC?


I wish you the best of luck with this venture Joe :smiley:

Joe, I messaged you on facebook earlier. Are you going to be setting up an online store front?

Joe…my man !
I (we) will do all we can to support the local guy. The word is going out!
FULL Throttle…No regrets…Onward…c/ya at the top!

btw, checked out Fulton Mall yesterday, haven’t done that for years.
What a Zoot! We need to organize a “gathering”.
Dan’o Ha!

I’ll try and expand as much as possible for all branches and brands of unicycles. I do not think I will be carrying KH products cause I think there is a contract with udc that they will sell KH products only. so udc will be the place to get KH. ya come arrange for pick up… when your here we can film and ride like crazy. Downtown fresno is one of the best trials spots in the USA

yep, I’ll see ya there for sure brother :wink: Dan knows where the world class trials is at as well…

– Looks puzzled –
Eww. Please burn all copies of that vid. Thank you. :smiley:

“I’m not a Level 9 but I play one on TV.” Ha ha. I never passed Level 8.

Really? Damnit! I drove through Fresno when I came to the USA recently. We even stopped for fuel and at Walmart there :frowning:

oh sweet im sure ive been to that walmart a million times! if it was really ghetto, you were probably in my neighborhood that i love to ride in. did you see any tall buildings? :slight_smile: