New unicycle design

<threadjack> reminds me of this (you gotta watch it all the way through to fully appreciate it.) </threadjack>

Hell’s Bells Mike!
We thought you were dead!
It’s good to see you again.

By posting in this thread, I have not modified it’s ratio of positive content to null content.

Or gas!

it’s probably hamster powered.

if it’s not no one better take that idea…

the building has begun, he hasnt showed me the plans because he wants to surprise me. i bet it is shit after all this wait.

Me too, changing something radically is never good.

i know, but it might be good for some fun. but at ther rate he works it wont be done till around christmas because he will be busy trying to make ten other invention things at the same time

Don’t worry…

So what does a patent nowedays cost?

I don’t know about a planet, but it looks like you can buy a star for $54 (usd)

a recumbent uni!!!