New unicycle design

Ok i have an engineering machanic friend whom is excellant wth his hands, he can make anything and has fixed my car a number of times. I was just chatting to him the other day and he suggested a new unicycle design. He currently has seven patents at the moment and wont let me post anything about this design because if it works that will give him an eighth. Bearing in mind he has never ridden a unicycle before but he is quite into Street and Vert BMX. This thread is really quite useless but i thought i would say something so that everyone had maybe something to look out for in the next few months once we have finished it.


lol that is what i am thinking. He is really excited though. i Guess i will find out more tommorow night when he sends me some blueprints.
He is really serious about it. Says he based it on the physics of an Internal Combustion Engine, i have no idea…

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i see

rushes off to get patent first

I just hope it doesn’t run on petrol.

it runs oon water with sugar

You should name it ‘bee’, then.

Oh wait, bees don’t run on sugar. Oh well, who cares…


Remember if it has two wheels its a bike :roll_eyes: lol


Or a giraffe… Or a Segway… Or a tandem uni… Yeah.

it runs on the hopes and dreams of little boys

i cant wait to see this

can you tell us if it is a completely new frame design, wheel, or bearing holder etc design?

yeah i sure will, i get the blue prints tonight hopefully. He lives about an hours drive from me so production might be slow.

and yes it will only have 1 wheel and will not run on suger and farts

this is such a waist of a thread

not realy because its not like theres a limited number of threads

also please spell waste correctly.

you totally waysted time worrying about the spelling of waest.

You mean it has, say, two reciprocating energy sources, with the linear movement being translated into rotary movement by two cranks attached to a central shaft? Astounding!