new unicycle color website.

Hi, I just started working on a 3d model of a unicycle a little while back, i’ve been spending about 10 to 15 minutets on it a day, and I just recently had a cool idea. To make a website, where you can choose your frame type, and then diffrent color schemes for the unicycle to see what your uni would look like befor you paint it! I would have options to change the color of every part on the uni.

If you like this idea please tell me and i’ll spend the time to make the site.


P.S. the model of the unicycle is still unfinished. I’m going to add cranks and peddals next, then redo the rim, and lastly, do the seat which i’ve been putting off.

Awesome job so far! I think it’s a cool idea. Will you be able to pick different brands of equipment, too? Then you’d really have your work cut out for you!

that sounds like a great idea, but you need to beable to use laquer and powdercoating among other stuff. Also you would have to have wierd color combos like o god what was it called it was midnight something like midnight special or midnight dream. Anyway it is a really cool like 29er or somethin but what i really like is the color sceme it was like purple with clear glaze and it looked really cool

also it would be interesting to see what a bombshell green uni would look like!!

and i love your uni model it looks pretty lifelike… way better than i could ever do!!!

It will start out with just the one frame, then over time I plan on adding more frames, The seat will be a mix between a KH and a Miyata, (much like the Coxx) And will stay standard, and the wheel size will be 20. But you will beable to choose color on frame, post, rim, spokes, hub, cranks, tire, and seat.

I’ll also give easy access to request for diffrent colors, and frames. But with the exeption of the frame the rest of the uni will be generic. Latter I might make a choice between Trials, and freestyle tire though, Because I know the frestylist wont want those nasty treads there ^^.

put a picture of that seat on this thread i would like to see it, sounds interesting.

I had the same idea a while back, but diden’t have the skills to make it happen. Good luck making it, Its sounds like its gonna be pretty cool.

That is a really good idea. What would be even awesomer is to be able to make your own custom virtual uni, choose the seat, frame, wheel size, hub, cranks, pedals, tire, rim, yeah. That would be oober cool.