New unicycle club - SVUC!

I am pleased to announce the organization of a new unicycle club: Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle Club (SVUC)!

With the retirement of PPUT coach Alan Tepper it is the goal of SVUC to continue the time honored tradition of unicycling in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. For you old-timers, the Snoqualmie Valley was the site of NAUCC and UNICON in 2002. The flyer to announce the start of the season can be found attached.

Snoqualmie Valley Unicycle Club.pdf (200 KB)

Is this for all ages, or is it a kids program?

Totally for all ages! The group is composed of mostly younger riders but I’d love to see more adults ride. Some of the parents told me they want to learn this year so that will keep me busy, teaching adults is a little different than teaching kids.

If you are interested you are more than welcome! Please see the web site for times/days. If you are unsure then Monday is when everything gets started and we can go from there.