New Unicycle - Casper van Tielraden

I’ve made a little video for Petra and Roland Wende from for my Unicycle.:slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy!:slight_smile:
And please leave a comment if you would like to… :roll_eyes:

Cant see it? it just says “Uh oh there was a problem loading this video” :frowning:

yeah, the video wont load up. i want to see this! i havent seen u ride since EUC :wink:

Au, crap!
I’ll take a look later…:o I think it works now.:slight_smile:

you have a nice bag of tricks :slight_smile: love all the on wheel tricks!

Nice tricks! All of the spin combos were really nice!

Te zot Casper :)! Hopelijk tot op EUC :sunglasses: .

@Ben. Ik ga, jij ook of niet?

nice vid Casper =D
awesome combos!

Nice video.
Also, nice music! Sweatshop Union!

Nice, dude :slight_smile: Good riding and I liked the music.