New unicycle 29" or 24"

Hey guys I was just thinking of getting a new unicycle for my birthday and was looking at these. I allready have a 20’’ trials type uni and was going to get a nice Kris Holm trials. Then I was thinking of getting into some Muni and getting a bigger wheel. Mabey this 24" , or this one OR i stumbled accros this bargon I am only about 5 foot but am growing any sugestions would be apreciated thanks!!

24 and 29 aren’t all that different to ride. Basically, the 24 is a little easier (closer to ground), and the 29 is a little faster.

The 350 $ KH is the way to go. Gotta love the depression, that is the best deal I have seen in a long time. You even get dual hole cranks. The Dx is a big step down in many ways. Orphan cranks, heavy, the KH seat is much better. It is a long list. The 07 KH is about the same as the 08, nothing remotely like this price difference.

You can click “community” above, select " members list" Look under D for “Danger uni”. This is Kris Holm’s forum name. Check his back posts, about 18 months ago, he lists all the exact differences between 07 and 08. It is a few minor improvements, the 07 is super for 350, can’t be beat.:slight_smile:

Thanks allot=)