New Uni

I am getting to the point to where i need to up-grade from my old unicycle. Im roughly 6’3 and about 140pounds so a 24 inch would be nice. i was thinking about either a Torker LX,a Torker DX, or a Nimbus 24-inch MUni . i really dont want to go over $250. Is the LX upgradeable or should i just get a better uni to start off with?

get the DX, i don’t know what comes on the nimbus, get it if it has a splined hub. The lx will not be much of an upgrade at all…

the DX should last you forever.
this is coming from one of the few ppl to break it completely.

What style do you like?

im mainly street, but i might take it up to the hills. for now im just starting to learn tricks the nimbis has an isis hub heres the link get that for street the dx is a muni which will be heavy.

ok cool

It depends on what you want to do

And how much spending money you have. Within a month of starting to ride last March, I bought a KH24 from UDC. Very expensive, but I still ride it all the time.
A E Bike will sell them cheaper, like 420 $ or so, but you have to email them (tell em we sent ya!), because they must advertise the MSRP. But they will sell it for less if you ask.
If you just want a 24 to ride around on the street, I have been trying to get someone to buy this uni. I really like dimension stuff in general, cheap and good. So I will hope you buy this 70 $ 24 " street uni, with rare features at that price, a double wall alum rim, etc. I bet it will be a great 24 basic uni, for the price.
Then you must write us a review.:slight_smile: I have never seen, or read about one.


That is by no means a street uni. Common man don’t try and get him to by something just because you don’t want it any more. That is a learner uni and he wants something better if you read his post you would know that.

Oh yes and I just changed my mind on what you should get it you want something really strong and good. +… That combo will save you money because if you get the one I originally posted you are going to need a few parts replaced. This new combo has a stronger rim, and better seat post clamp plus you get the tire for muni (mountain unicycling). So yeah if you can get those 2 things and you will be set.

well for street most people use a 20" trials, but if you want a 24" then i’d recomend getting this (which is what you were thinking about getting anwyays i think) :

not sure about the hookworm tyre,

You have to ride one to understand how awesome it is.

I rode a street/park 24" bike with Hookworms, wicked feeling, it’s like you’re floating along, very cushy.

cool thanks guys!:slight_smile:

Wicked bob, I’m not selling a uni !

You didn’t understand my post. He said he was considering buying a 24 lx. I suggested he go KH- Koxx, or maybe try the new Dimension (if he wants to go cheap). If you read my post, I mention I have never seen one ! So of course I am not trying to pawn off my own.
I want someone to buy one and write a review just because I am curious. At 70 $, I would recommend someone buy this rather then a Torker lx, then buy a KH-Koxx or high end street uni. Or do what I did. Buy the KH first and save even more money, assuming you have the cash and aren’t going to quit. The dimension is a new product and I bet it is a good deal for 70 $, but I don’t know. Someone find out and write a report was all I was suggesting. It may be as good as an lx but a lot less $. In my experience, dimension makes good cheap stuff, if there can be such a thing.

where do you live in colorado? id be cool to have someone to ride with

i dont have alot of money to spend so i dontwant to waste it
btw i live in loveland

In that case, buy a KH from A E Bike

Because you said you want to try mountain. They were selling them last spring for 417 $. Email them. As long as you are sure you aren’t going to quit, you will never regret it. The alternatives are lower quality, and heavier, to save not much $. Koxx is good to, but for USA folk, the A E Bike deal is tops. The Euro’s can’t buy them, at the cool price, so Koxx is very popular there.
It is worth it to spend 150 $ more for a uni made light of better metal. Besides being lbs. lighter, you could get the money back if you were to sell it. Look at what the really good riders use in the cool You Tube videos. It won’t make you like them, but it won’t hold you back either.:slight_smile:

you should get the torker dx, i highly recomend it.

i got a dx 20" about two weeks ago and it is a really good uni.

i got mine off ebay for a really good price, i think it was about $215 American.


Yes the dx is good, kinda. The nimbus isis is still worlds better. For just about the same price.

as i said im still a learner so im not sure what i will do i just want an all aroung uni so i think ill stick with the Nimbus ISIS and the hookworm

Nimbus ISIS hub is, I would say, equal strength to the KH hub. It is a good buy, and way cheaper, and also decently light.

Hookworm is a nice smooth tire with lots of bounce, and I think you will like it a lot.