New Uni

My KH29 came this morning, Im realy happy with it and so have been riding it most of the day. I have ordered a brake for it which will hopfuly come tomorrow. When that comes I think I might take it on a good long ride to run it in :smiley:
Here are a few pics…

Awesome, but no double holed cranks? Aw.

It was another £25 so that decided it for me, I would have realy liked them but I felt I was forking out too much as it is so I stuck with the standard ones.

Oh I see, understandable.

Awsome! I have to get a kh29 one of these days.

Nice…but why didnt you get the Quax cross 29"?

Becasue Kh hub/cranks are stronger if your talking about the red hub probably.

glad to see that it is already coated in dirt. most people are paranoid about dropping it at first, because they dont want to scratch the handle or whatever

Theres a Quax cross 29 :thinking: I cant find it.
I went for the KH because I know it will be strong, will take a beating and I know I will be doing some trials on my journeys and I know it will handle it.

Yup at MDC. And apparently they are supposed to be really good…but anyway really nice uni you just got.

If your talking about me you are definitally wrong. One of our first rides i was dropping it a ton. I really dont care if it gets dirty and one time i dropped it in that stream of mud. But what made me mad was when steven and whoever else scratched my frame because they packed the uni’s wrong. That wasnt normal use that was just stupidity.

i understand the scratch in the frame because of stevens bad packing
and yeah you were not conserned about your muni, but your trials it took us like 2 weeks before you would pedal grab anything.

Theres a quax 36" which I looked at and decided against quite quickly but I cant find a 29" any chance you can get me a link?

Here you go

I couldnt see it there. Im still very happy with what I got, I would have got it even if I new of the quax 29.

My brake still hasnt come :frowning: hopfully it will come soon

It was there when I looked at it.

You wouldn’t want it anyways. That red “slined” hub is not nearly as strong as the Moment.

Why do people think that? It really makes me mad.

On your thread.

Thanks to Olarf here is new strong ISIS (still yellow). Doesn’t seem to be available w/o the uni yet.

It seems the red is still not for heavy abuse. Someone said it used to be cotterless and a bit weaker.

Edit: It seems the new Cross has an actual 20" rim. If someone stared here and wanted to upgrade to the new yellow hub, they could still put on a widish trials tire (Onza Sticky Fingers 20X2.4"), w/o having to get a new rim.

mine has a 19" rim the Quax BX38 rim and a CC tire so it is 19". Its the Crossfire thats 20" but the Cross is 19"