new uni

My latest uni arrived today, I have been out riding on it quite a bit already and it feels realy nice so I am realy pleased with it. I even managed to glide a few revs :smiley: I quickly took a photo of it but the camera was playing up so the colours are slightly off. I think I may spray the top of the seat post black so it looks nicer (I know I should have ordered it with a black one)


nimbus X 2007 frame
nimbus gel saddle
qu-ax 114 freestyle cranks
primo V-monster 20x2.1" tyre
MKS indoor freestyle pedals
Aluminium eyeleted double-walled rim

heres a pic of it:

nice setup. I myself have a bone stock nimbus x. I would suggest that you use some loctite on the cranks if it doesn’t have it already. mine kept coming lose until i used some threadlocker.

it is pretty odd how the colors turned out in the picture.

yea my pedals keep losening, im going locktight them tonight, thanks anyway

The photograph looks the way it does because there wasn’t enough light when he originally took the photograph and it was probably brightened up on the computer.

Nice setup you have there, how do you like that frame for stand up / one footed tricks?


The newer picture is a lot better… with the first one, I thought the paint was all messed up, but really nice set up. Are you going to go from some 540 unispins with it? Bet you could make it… ok, this is making me drool.

I have quickly sprayed the seat post black and took a few better looking pics…

My brother had been playing around with the settings and didnt want me to change it so I just took it quickly then bought up the light levels on the computer.

The frame is realy nice for 1ft tricks, I cant stand up ww yet so cant say how that is but its very nice for 1ft riding and 1ft ww

I will try some 540s soon but at the moment im concentrating on my 1ft ww and gliding. Its easy to spin so I dont think I will have a problem with that, its just hand positioning im not sure of.

I like it very much!! but I’ve a question, can I buy this frame in Europe?

If you can’t buy it in Europe, you can have it shipped if you don’t mind the extra $$$ for shipping i’m assuming. :smiley: :smiley:

I can tell you for sure, you can get it in the UK :smiley:

Yes. or at MDC

Cool, its weird that the bottom of your bearing holders are silver though.

If you ran a KHE park tire you could save a pound on your uni.

I know I thought that, I think I may spray them at some point. At least its not too obvious, I will email UDC about them later.

Yeah, I have that frame and they gave me matching black bearing holders. Maybe they ran out or something.