new uni

my new uni came today,

Yeah i grazed my leg only a lil

its that 26" pashly muni

which i was told wasnt that good…



pics up soon

ehehe thats cool, paschley aint bad its just a old school uni thats more made for roads than maountains.

But its cool that you like it :smiley:

kl, how fast compaired?


Its alot faster that my 20" but one problem haha my leg is a 32 and is the exact minimum so i cant go max speed till i grow 2 inches ish how long will that take?

and amanda yeahhs i know i added you =] and one year exactly now =].

Bye all

I didnt grow after 15, and my legs were left at 32 inches, hopefully youre not from a short family! have you thought about cutting the seat post down, or is that not possible?


my dads side is short

mums side is tall

maybe ill be normal

i could always cut it down because when it gets an inch from touching the bit it goes into and it touches the tire so i probably will do that cheers

i reckon i will grow a little bit =]