new uni.

Ok. I am thinking about getting me a new uni after my B-Day and Christmas. I want it to be a street/trials/light freestyle unicycle. The last time I wanted to design a custom uni I ended up just buying a Dx instead but this time I really want this. I have some questions on some of the products then after they get answered I might start coming up with the idea for a uni.

1.Would the new kris Holm hub be a good hub?
2.What would be a good size cranks for freestyle, street, and trials?
3.would a 20" x 2.5" maxxis creepy crawler tire be good to use?
4.would a nimbus X long neck frame work with this?
5.If I got the Kris holm street gel saddle and put a reeder handle on it would it be good or would it get in the way?
6.What would be the best rim to get?
7.What is a good seat post?
8.What is a good seat post clamp?
9.i’m i missing anything to make a unicycle and if so what?

I Will have a long time before I get it so I could end up changing it. Also I know I am missing some small things but I am mainly talking about the main stuff to make a uni. I hope this says what i want it to say because I have to go and hope that it is right for now.


  1. yes it would.
  2. for trials you want long cranks(137’s) for street you want shorter(127’s) for freestyle you want shorter cranks(110’s or 114’s). you can get all of these cranks to fit the KH hub(except maybe the koxx cranks)
  3. it depends. for trials I’d the the CC or the tryall. for street the luna.
  4. No. it isn’t wide enough and doens’t have enough tire clearence. I suggest a bedford or yuni frame.
  5. It would get in the way for flatland and break your seat.
  6. I’d say old KH or new KH.
  7. any steel one pretty much. I’ve heard the GB4 seatposts are great.
  8. Salsa QR, or a double bolt one.
  9. pedals. for more freesytle street stuff I suggest plastic oddysey twisteds. for more trials/ street I’d say jimmy c’s.
  1. Yes it would

  2. Your going to have to compromise or buy 2 or 3 sets of cranks. For trials you want 140’s, or the 137’s that come with the new KH hub. For street 127’s would be ideal, but you could work with 137’s. For freestyle you want 110’s or 114’s like mornish said. To compromise and go relativly cheap, go with 127’s. If you feel like going expenisve, go with 110’s or 114’s AND get a pair of 137’s.

  3. Like mornish said, a CC would be good for trials, a luna for street, and nothing really compares to a freestyle tire for freestyle, but a luna would be better than a CC for it. Go with the luna, cause some peopleactualy prefer it to a CC for trials. With tires its really a matter of preference.

  4. Like mornish said, not enough clearance. Go with a nimbus flat crown or a KH frame if you have the cash.

  5. The reeder will get in the way for freestyle and street and flatland. Plus it will break the seatbase. Just stick with the KH handle. Its nice for freestyle and street and I personaly like it for trials.

  6. I have no experience with either KH rim. I know that the old one has a line on it where it breaks, and the new one I have heard that it pinch flats easily. I like my Alex DX-32 rim, but you could get the KH rim, a qu-ax rim, or something else.

  7. Ive heard good things about the GB4 seatpost. Its relativly cheap too.

  8. The primo viking looks really sweet. Only thing is that it doesnt come in 27.2 size if you get a KH frame. Only 22.2 or 25.4. Thats why I suggest the nimbus flat crown frame. Also, that clamp is really light cause its made of top of the line aluminum. Very strong. If you plan on changing seat hights very frequently (which would be a good idea if your using it for street, trials, and freestyle)(street=low seat, trials= medium hight seat,freestyle= high seat)then go with a salsa flip-lock. Hold the seat very well.

  9. Pedals. If you really want my opinion, get some plastics for street and freestyle, and some metals for trials. Oddesy plastics are dirt cheap and great for street and freestyle. Jim C’s for trials, maybe Primos, and if you have the money definitly go with crank brothers 5050 pedals.

If you tell us how much you are willing to spend on this, I can help youout more. So post how much you want to spend.

Haha sorry for the book I just wrote.

Thanks. After I got down the road I started thinking about pedals. I think I think i will just use my freestyle uni that I got for freestyle. I think this is the setup so far

-kris Holm street gel saddle
-new kris Holm hub and either 137 or 150 cranks. witch size cranks would be better for trials?
-need frame
-need rim
-how would a 20" x 2.7" montly trials tire be?
-need seat post
-need seatpost clamp
-primo super tenderizer pedals

This one turned into a trials uni to. Maybe if I tried some treet I would it up with a street uni instead of a trials uni. I think that I would end up doing more urban trials then street riding.

Whats your budget? We can help you better if we know that.

The only difference between basic trials and street unis are the seat height and the pedals. If i were you id get teh kh uni stock or as close to stock as you want it. The old kh rim is good and i like the old cranks. but the 07 frame is great as well as the seat.

KH hub and 137mm moment cranks.
ZHI 48mm wide rim.
tryall sticky tire.
KH street/ trials seat
koxx seatclamp
pedals of your preferance(DK distortions own all for trials and muni)
bedford frame(KH if you can aford it, but the bedford one is great too.)
steel seatpost


I don’t know my budget yet because I am going to be getting money for my B-day and if I don’t have enough by then christmas. I will also be saving up money during this time. I would say my budget is around 400 to 500 dollers(hopefully if i don’t spend it). I am going to come up with an all new setup

Ok. How is this setup.

-stock hris holm 20" uni
-20" x 2.7" monty trials tire(get when creppy crawler tire gets old)
-thomson seat post(get when original seat post gets old)
-Kris Holm rail-type adapter(get when get seat post)
-salsa lip lock bolt(get when I get seat post)
-reeder handle(will it fit the kris holm seat)
-get frame, hub, and rim powdercoated(where could I get this done)
-primo tenderizerpedals(get when pedals get old)

ok that is the setup I want. Would it be better to just get a custom uni.

-stock sounds good
-monty trials tire will be fine
-thomson post is great, BUT…
-rail adapter is a negatve. is a finger trap for SIF and if you fall and your fingers get stuck you will easilybreak them (yourfingers)
-dont get the lip lock. get the FLIP lock
-a reeder handle will break your seat easily. if you realy wanta reeder you will have to buy a CF base.
-powcercoating is good. do a google map search for a powdercoating place close to you.
-primos are good

more questions.

1.How could i use a bicycle post without the adapter(I can’t I don’t think)
2.wouldn’t the lip-lock be better then the flip-lock.
3.should I just make a custom uni or get the stock Kris holm and upgrade it as I go

  1. if you wait 'til march when Kris comes out witht heis mine adapter thing, or get a swallis base, yes. otherwise, no.

  2. depends. lip lock is better if you won’t be changing seat height often because it’s small. the QR is great if you change seat height alot.

  3. I say custom. seriously, if you want a good uni, get what I listed above. also, if you want to P. coat stuff, go custom. or else you’ll have to unbuild the wheel.

I am going to go custom. How much is rhe uni you said without a frame. also where can i get that rim and I might just come up with my own custom design

the bedford one?

lemme find the guy selling the rims…

Tim @

The ZHI rim only has 32 spoke holes and the Kris Holm hub has 36 spoke holes. It want work will it or did I read something wrong.

If that one wont work then VIZ rims are awesome too.

agreed ^

the ZHI also is 36 holes. there is 2 versions. The ZHI is wider, and I’ve heard its stronger than the VIZ.

when i went to the website it said 32 hole. Do i need to talk to the guy personally.