New uni

HEY i just got $520 CDN and am thinking of getting a new unicycle… it must be a trials, must be able to do sweet jumps, light, be able to do standing wheelwalks and other freestyle tricks, and it must be good for street riding… i was thinking of <is this light and good frame for standing wheel walk and stuff?? any other sugestions???

i would go for it if u have the money. It sounds like its a pretty good uni.

if you want it to be good combo of a trials and street uni, that one has too much clearance between the wheel and the frame on the top. i find it way easier with a low clearance for stand up ww, and stand up glides. just me, so if i were you i wouldnt get that one.

oh and it doesnt have a flat crown so thats even worse with stand up skills.

the crown is quite flat and gives you much support while doing standup wheelwalk.
The problem is that the crown is a bit too high though, about 70mm from top of my creepy crawler to the top of the crown…
While the KH has about 35mm!

The 58$ between the onza and the KH is worth it if you’re of to do much freestyle skills…

I have the onza 2005 trialcycle, and i love it, have painted the frame and rim white…
It’s light (5.75 kg, with cut down saddlefoam) and rigid.
But, i prefer my freestyler to do standup wheelwalk if i put it that way :wink:

You should get the Bedford heavyduty or heavyduty air, from, shipping might be cheaper.

I have no problem standup wwing on large frames.

I say doing Freestyle on a trials is difficult to me but anyway i say just buy a strong trials wheelset then buy a frame you like and a saddle. easiest thing to do in my world. hope you find one you like.
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i love my kh trials
it’s lighter than the onza, and if u get it from Darren Bedford, it’ll come w/ the new low proflile, tilted-back KH fusion seat that is just amazing for seat out and for sitting comfort!!!

the low crown is also a real plus, it’s very similar to a freestyle crown, if not better, because it’s so low and flat

the new KH seat is also stiffer than the other fusions so it’s less likely you’ll need to upgrade to carbon fiber

a 3rd reason to get KH not onza is that the frame fits the KH bearing mud flaps perfectly whereas if you look at the onza they just sorta float outside of the frame (just an asthetic thing)
o and the KH main cap holders are nicer :slight_smile:

-colin kh20 for around 520$

**bedford frame with kh hub/cranks + seat for 500 $