new uni?

okay i want to get a new uni for freestyle i was gonna get a torker lx but then other people were saying that trials uni’s are also good for freestle so like what should i get? please tell me what you guys have especially you amanda, cause your really good. and all you other people that are really good.
thanks to anyone who responds

well depending on how much money you want to spend i would recomend the '05 KH trials it looks pretty sweet and it has an aluminum frame

Get the onza trials. They are $409 (i think) of UDC. I have one and it is really good. I do alot of freestyle, trials, and a little muni on it and its awesome. Amanda has a onza trials too and a KH freestyle i think.

I don’t know why everyone’s recommending a trials uni for freestyle…there’s a reason they’re called trials uni’s, not freestyle uni’s. get a freestyle unicycle, not an Onza, or a KH, those are made for trials and generally are not good for freestyle. you can do some minor skills on one, but to do anything really freestyly, a freestyle unicycle is the way to go.
I don’t know anything about freestyle uni’s though, so wait till someone else gets here to find out which one to buy.

Trials unicycles are not good for freestyle. They are good for trials. Freestyle unicycles are not good for trials. They are good for freestyle. It’s that simple. However, you can do a lot more freestyle on a trials unicycle than you can trials on a freestyle unicycle. So if you want to do some trials, and some freestyle, but want to focus more on trials, get a trials unicycle. If you want to do only freestyle, get a freestyle unicycle. And if you want to do both seriously, you should probably consider getting a trials and a freestyle.

I believe I am fairly good at freestyle riding, and my unicycle is a 24" Nimbus II freestyle unicycle from Supposedly a 24" unicycle is not very good for freestyle, but it works fine for me.

Here is a good freestyle uni. Im getting this one. (not from UDC though, i am getting a upgrade version from

You really should get a trials uni instead. :wink: