New uni

Ok well, i’ve been looking around, i’m thinking to get my fourth uni. I have a bedford cross-country (i think) and I bent the cranks pretty good, and so i was wondering. New uni, or new cranks and hub. What kinda uni, or what kinda cranks/hub? I got a buget of about 500. Thanks!

what type of riding do you plan on doing?

well I’m in to trials a bit (5 foot drop is hiest so far) and I aslo enjoy some muni. I dont’ mind using my muni for trials, but the reason why i dont’ want to get a whole other uncicyle (trials) is that i could probably make my unicycle i have right now stronger with 400$ than a trials that I were to buy for 400$.

just get your self a a profile hub and the hole shebang here the website it can be found on

Are you into trials or big drops?

The new KH uni’s sound great. They look like they have the most bang for the buck, and seem plenty strong. If you want anywhere near a decent warranty though, you need to step up to profile. A profile hub put onto your current muni should be plenty good. If all you are doing is big drops, you will be fine on a 24" wheel. If you plan to go anywhere deeper into trials (big ups, precise pedalgrabs), you may want to look up some of the old threads with the debate between 20" and 24" for trials and muni. I will tell you now, though, that the pedals bottom out way too easily on a trials uni for decent muni riding. After a strong hub, you should make sure you have a strong rim with well-tensioned spokes. A dx-32 or doublewide should be plenty. If you do end up getting new spokes, get DT. I got generics, and payed the price. They suck.

i ride with vanished all the time :slight_smile: and its mostly high drops and rocks and such. there might be a bit of trials but im not sure really what trials is :thinking: . but ya probably a KH uni would do good i would guess. someone please tell me what the distintion between trials and MUni is?

Hey drew, trials=hopping from obstical to obstical muni=riding down/up hill on dirt/rocky/snowy/bumpy trails in mountaines or even just by Mewasin. Trials uni=knoby 20"x 2-3" Muni=24" x 2-3". Thats pretty much it, and some munis have breaks. I thouhgt you’d know this by now! But thanks for the help guys, i’m gonna look around and make a descion soon.

YOU HAVE NO MONEY :roll_eyes: but ya i guess i do trials and MUni :frowning:

Yah I’m going into Cenipost on tuesday for a comercial. I get paid $600 to start, and every $600 for each day or something like that…so yah and the 300$ from offbroadway so SHUT up.