new uni

hey guys, ive been checking out your posts and vids for a couple of days now and have been completly ore struck, you have realy opend my eyes as to what can be done on a uni. So i decided i better make my self known an get in on the fun.
At the moment i am am riding just a regular learner uni and have been for around a year so i got quite good at the easy stuff (forwards, back, hoping, rocking ect) but after visiting the fourm i was inspired to open thow wallet of power and invest in a brand spanking new trials uni. Although upon realising the wallet to be empty began to set about raisng the funds, thow holy day is drawing near (payday at the end of the mouth). the uni that was chosen to start me off on the long and winding road of trials was the nimbus trials 2003. Which was chosen after reading many many many reviews, posts and other stuff and overall i found that it was regared as a exellent uni for ppl intrested in starting trials (eg me).

So even though this post has no real relevence to anything i thought it was still a good idea and a good reson to finaly log on and get a user name. So anyway the name is because that little squishy ball is what lead me to my first uni so i though it was worth to pay some homage*. I’m 17 (nearly on the 1 April) and live in Leeds an learnt the "trade at circus zanni in leeds (which is run by Steve Ward if that rings any bells) so if anybody lives around or near leeds just give me a bell and we may be abel to go for a ride.

thanks, the juggler,
PS sorry about the leanghy post i kinda got carried away.

welcome to the world of trials, not that im a great person to wlecome you to such a world, im crap. I visit leeds every xmas and a coupla times in the year, so ill tell you next time in going up there it would be cool to hook up with another rider up there sometime (and somebody that i wouldnt be put off meeteing because they are amazing and i dont feel worthy)

I guess a lot of people start this way; riding around a bit before suddenly realising that there are ker-azy people out there who ride off-road and jump on things! I mean, what?! It’s madness! :slight_smile:

Myself included… I started so I could learn to juggle on a unicycle, and after just over two years I still can’t; I was distracted by big hills and things to jump on…

I started doing trials with a Nimbus trials uni… 'tis a excellent little thing, it served me well and still does, albeit with a new hub because I felt my student debt wasn’t big enough.

Welcome to the forum!