new uni

hi … im starting to think about getting a new uni. The one i have now has some rust. pedal was loose. i converted the seat. the seat won’t stay tight. and its a savage. its a few years old because i learned to ride then it hurt to much so i just discovered how to convert the seat and no im riding alot.

im looking at Torker 20-inch Unistar for around 90$

i just read that the seat hurts on this one too.
any suggestions for a trials/freestyle level 4 [unofficial] unicyclist

I believe the chrome Torker and the Unistar have different saddles. I had a 20’ Unistar and the saddle on it looked very similar to the Miyata that came on my Yuni Muni and it was quite comfortable.

Try to get the black mountain Torker rather than the chrome Torker. The black one comes with a comfy seat and a great handle in the front, whereas the chrome one comes with a kid’s seat without the front handle. If you want to do one foot tricks, however, you might go for the chrome Torker, because it has the flat crown to use as a foot rest. You should consider buying a new seat though. You can usually find new black Torkers on ebay for about $70 plus shipping.

Mountain Torker??? You’ve been reading too much on eBay. The product descriptions on eBay can be really off base for some items. For some items even the Iraqi Foreign Minister would be proud of the outright disregard for the facts.

The black Torker is a street unicycle. It is not a mountain unicycle. The guy who calls it a mountain unicycle on eBay doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And the 20" black Torker will not fit someone who is 6’4" tall no matter what that idiot says in his auction description.

If you get a Torker get the black one. However, be aware that if you are around 6’ tall the seatpost on the 20" black Torker may not be tall enough for you. Unfortunately the black Torker uses an unusual seatpost size that is different from the standard 22.2mm diameter seatpost used on other unicycles. If you need a taller seatpost on the black Torker you’ll need to get a sizer (shim) to be able to fit a 400mm long standard 22.2mm diameter unicycle seatpost. carries the correct sizer (shim) for this. The guy on eBay will have no clue. If you buy through you’ll get a unicycle that fits you even if you do have to pay extra for a sizer and a new seatpost. If you go through eBay you will not get that kind of service, know how, or upgrade options.

The seat on the black Torker is large enough for an adult and is comfortable as far as unicycle seats go. The seat on the chrome Torker is tiny and designed for 7 year olds.