new uni

Hip HIp hooray, I finally got around to buying a new unicycle. Sexy chrome
number from Viscount. I know it’s not a DM or Sem, but since it was less than
half the price and supposedly almost as good, I couldn’t resist it.

Anyway, for anybody out there still on a plastic wheel. (i’ve been riding one
for 3 years) it’s definitely worth upgrading. In one afternoon, I haven’t missed
a kick-up mount, my one-footed is much more stable, my seat out front is heaps
smoother, my wheel-walking has improved, and that mount where you spin yourleg
around the seat twice has improved. Whilst some of that would be attributable to
the euphoria of a new toy, I can definitely say that a wheel that doesn’t bend
is very very nice.

Happy with my new toy.