New Uni

Ok so anyone who saw my old thread probably knows what happened, but in short I snapped my seat while learning to hop. That was on the crappy $40 uni I got off craigslist to try. Now that I got over the hump of learning to ride, I am more willing to buy a nice Uni. The sport is now something that I am going to stock with now, so I want something that will last me a while, and I want to get into trials/street unicycling. My price range right now is about $150-$250. I think that I have three choices right now: to get a good pre made uni off of U.D.P, shop on U.D.P and other unicycle stores and build my own custom Uni that better suits my needs(leaning toward this right now), or to wait around for a good torker or something on Craigslist (they are posted fairly often). If I get a pre made U.D.P Uni I may end up overspending do to parts I have no need for, such as a brake on a trials uni (I have seen it). If I build my own it may cost more in tax/shipping alone, however I could have it more custom to my needs. The other problem there would be I am not as confident in my unicycle parts knowledge, but I have the internet and you guys so I should be fine there;). If I get one off of craigslist then cheaper price and no tax/shipping, but all I know about it is how much it will cost and (sometimes) the brand.
What do you think?

I will post on this thread with any further questions about my unicycle buying.
Edit- Does anyone know where I could get a decent saddle cheap? I am thinking of giving my old Uni to a friend.

It will almost always be cheaper to buy a complete uni, than to piece one together. In your price range you will be looking for a used uni, or one on a good sale. Sales don’t come up too often but keep an eye on the UDC sale page.

I’ve seen older trials uni’s on craigslist for $100. These are usually heavier, but very strong. Examples are: Torker DX (old black/red version), Kris Holm (black steel frame, 8 splined cranks), Summit (orange, rebrand of the original imported KH). In my opinion these uni’s are a good deal for that price, and not really worth much more. The parts are robust, but should something go wrong they are (for the most part) difficult to replace, and incompatible with modern parts.

For a saddle you could get a Club saddle from UDC, but it’s still going to set you back as much as your whole unicycle cost. It’s about the cheapest I know of. And keep in mind that there are a few didpfferent mounts. I don’t know what seatpost you have, so I can’t say if it will fit.

Just a sidenote on saddle mounts, but UDC now offers a ‘hybrid’ seat post that’ll fit two different bolt patterns. Worth looking into for anyone that doesn’t know if their saddle will fit.

I think you should not make multiple threads about a single topic. Welcome to the forums. I answered your original questions in that first thread, only to see you’ve moved beyond that advice already.

Your Craigslist seller(s) should be able to answer questions about what they’re selling, or possibly even send you better pictures so you can see what they’re selling.

Ok well all the nice Unis on craigslist have sold or are cheapies, so I have decided to get one new. I want to get into heavier street riding, so is there a reason not to get the Club 20" trials? ( From everything I’ve seen the main difference is the cranks size, but I can order it with different cranks. I am on a budget, and the oreo 20" is 1/2 the price of the cheapest “street” unicycle.
Thanks for all the help so far!
*I am only 92 pounds, so that one probably wont be a worry

At your weight the Club trials would probably be okay for a while, but eventually when you start going bigger you will bend you cranks.

The biggest difference between the full on trials uni’s, and the Club trials is the crank interface, not the crank length. The splined cranks are stronger, and will take much more abuse before they give you any problems (if that even happens). Cotterless cranks are great for road riding, but as soon as you start doing big hops and drops they lose their value quickly.

If you can swing the extra $75 for the Oreo it will be a uni that you will have forever. The Club will most likely need an upgrade later on.

I just bought this after a fair bit of deliberation.

They’re Koxx brand. I’ve heard good things about the strength/durability, particularly with the green spirit or alien backflip frames. If you are in the US, you may even get free shipping.

Im Aussie so I have to wait for 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. If you like, I can let you know what I think of it when it comes

Those Koxx uni’s on Amazon are just the kind of deal you’re looking for. Even the steel ones are a huge upgrade from the club trials. $200 with free shipping is hard to pass up.

Thanks, that was my second choice. Does any1 know when the sale on it ends?