New Uni!

Just ordered a 24 oracle, any winter riding tips.

Depends where you live as conditions vary across the world :wink:

In the UK I suggest some Seal Skin waterproof socks :stuck_out_tongue:

As semi serious as my above tip was my other bit of advice is that the 3x24 Duro ture on that Oracle is a beast but works best at low pressure so air it down to spread the tyre out and to aid grip and flotation in he mud, I used to run about 12 psi

Winter riding tip: dress for how warm you will be after the first 10 minutes of vigorous unicycling, not how cold it looks out of the window.

In my case (lots of wind) less layers, more windproof. Good mosture removing base layer, widproof (but not warm) jacket, helmet liner (windstop w/ fleece), pants - better not too warm.

Another tip: You’ll have ok grip on packed snow, but ice is a different story. Watch out for ice.

For me, my feet get cold the most. I make sure I wear extra thick socks or heavier shoes when I uni in the cold.
Have fun!

I found that a good pair of hiking boots was enough to keep my feet warm. The added ankle protection was a plus too.


Maybe try some Seal skin socks, they are thick fully waterproof and make riding in the horrid wet UK winter so much more enjoyable.

I have a pair of ‘wetsocks’ left over from my potholing days that have always served me well in any outdoor pursuits in the British winter. Not that expensive these days, either.

(Made from exactly the same stuff as a wetsuit, so once you get wet, you get warm. :wink: )

For my b*ke I’m using this kind of warmers:

and they do a very good job in keeping feet warm and dry from above.

When the temperature gets down to -10 C, I use footwarmers like these in hiking shoes: Works for me.

I prefer Smartwool socks because they breathe better but each to their own.

If you don’t keep your uni parked outside like I do, let the pedals cool off before you ride. if the pedals are warm and you hop on with snowy feet, it can melt and refreeze,gunking the pins with ice. If riding in snow is boarderline cause the tire sinks in soft spots, maybe park that beautiful new 24 till spring and pick up a 26 with a heavy Duro and 150’s. Everything is personal preference of course and conditions vary so much, but I ride a lot in the winter… all trails, and conditions at the worst, 20 below, so… And it seems counterintuitive, but fiddle around with tire pressure. I do ride on icy boardwalks regularly along with snow, and I find that I like higher pressure in winter than in the warm months. Have fun.