New Uni!

So my new uni came today. It’s gorgeous and i love it but due to one thing and another (spraining my ankle yesterday so badly that the doc thought it was broken) i can’t ride it yet. :angry: :frowning:

Look at the paint job, when i bought it i thought it was just black but it’s got all these stunning flecks of red through it…lovely stuff. Can’t wait til my ankle gets better and i can learn to ride it.

Where did it “come” from?

sexy paint job, reminds me of my first huffy.

Biggest it came from ebay. It was a cheapie to learn on cos i didn’t want to spend too much on something that might never get used. I think the wheel needs retensioning though cos it looks slightly egged and the spokes make different tones when you ping them (something i know about from mtb) I’m sure it’ll do to get me the idea of how uni riding works once my ankle is back in action.

It’s pretty annoying to have it and not be able to ride it, i want to learn so badly. I’ve got two weeks off work and my plan for those two weeks was to learn to uni - not to nearly break my ankle and sit and look at a uni.

that looks fantastic! Better than my cheap ebay ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope your feeling better soon…it sucks not being able to ride :frowning: