New Uni

Hey im looking for a new Uni, i want something that will last me and is good quality. My price range is from $0(like tgat would happen) to $500 dollars. Im looking for a horitzontal frame/fork and would like a 20" ir a 24" please. Depending where you are im willing to ay shipping. If your pedals stink thats okay because i plan on doing some upgrades eventually. please let me know. if you have nay other questions let me know :sunglasses: :smiley:

It may be wise to ask what kind of unicycle you want. Do you want a trials unicycle? Do you want a freestyle uni? A MUNI? Brand preference? What do you plan on doing on this unicycle?

Im not to specific, i know for sure i dont want a freestyl and i would perfer a trials or a 24" MUni. As for brand preference qu ax trials maybe bedford ,torker, Kris Holmit doesnโ€™t really matter as long as its not like a cheap Uni.

nimbus trials isis
or Koxx-one.

I domnt undertsnad are you asking me if id take those kinds too?

cuz if you are i would take nimbus and k1 too it doesnt really matter all that much to me, i just want a durable unicycle (trials or Muni hopfully) 20" or 24" horitontal fork/frame, lots of tread on tires, good grippy pedals, brand doesnt matter, price range in between $0-$400 dollars canadian im willing to negotiat price willing to pay shipping depending on where you are. If you in ontario, quebec manitoba anywhere frairly close to ontaio id pay shipping if not i pay half if your really far away then you pay. Im looking for something thats value for money but not really expensive and i want something that will last me for a while. any other questions pm me or something.

im willing to pay five hundred for like a good brand name like Kh or K1

Dude just go get a 08 KH20.
Or a K1.


or just look around a little

It really all depends on how much money you are willing to spend
im speaking on the reviews i have read

08KH20: $550.00 - Awsome all-around LIGHT alluminum framed unicycle, good for trials, and throw on some rollo disc and you have flat machine.

K1: 400.00 has the cool factor.Cromo frame not as light as the KH but a solid ride. The K1 hub isnt compatable with other cranks.

Nimbus: 300.00 Solid cheaper unicycle, great to buy for cheap and add upgrades later.