new uni, which one?
which ones stronger? And, what does cold-forged mean?

Strength wise, they are the same. Only problem with the DX was the frame breaking in 2006, but UDC now ships the 2007 model, and the frame wont break. Cold forged is just a way that they make the cranks. Its a special process to make them strong. Someone on here will be able to give you more onfo on that though.

is the DX that i gave the link for the 07 or if I order it do they just send the 07?

It says its the 2006 model but i hear that they send the 2007 model.

they are both good. If you get the newer DX, neither of them should break. I have the qu-ax, i think its a little bit better, and its about half a pound lighter. Depends whether you are willing to spend a little bit more for that half a pound. Also depends upon your preference in color. Personally, i think the qu-ax is the nicest looking unicycle out there. When you see that yellow hub in person you will cry its so beautiful.

I’d say the quax is better.

  1. the yellow hub is beautiful…

  2. I like the seat more than the DX.

  3. the frame has a better design for 1 footed and ww tricks.

  4. its lighter.

  5. I jsut like it more:)

Get a Hoppley :smiley:

If you are going to go with the two you posted go with the qu-ax I have heard more people recomend them than the Torker.

The only thing about the Torker is that it has the Alex-DX32 rim wich is a great rim.

One more thing I forgot to mention. The Torker has 127mm cranks and the Qu-ax has 145mm. Shorter for street and preference (I like them better). Longer for control.

Cheers. :sunglasses:

you can also get the qu_ax with 127’s .

cold forging, means that the metal was forged cold… This doesnt really make it stronger at all, but generally would mean more car has to be taken, and that it was not melted into a mould.

Drop forging is much stronger for example but yields can be poor.

I heard some really good things about the hoppley. And considering the price difference between the two, i’d go for the Torker…


I tried and can’t!

I’m almost positive forrest runs 127s on his Qu-Ax. lemme check.

mdc has them, and I’m sure theyd be happy to put a different length on for you.

go with the qu-ax. the torker is almost a pound heavier but the crown isn’t as wide as the quax if hitting your legs is an issue.

I think the QuAx is probably better. I don’t know. They are both good intermedate trials unicycles. There are lots of threads about both, so search around the forums.

Shipping across the pond could be pricey though.
I’d put the fattest tire I could fit on my learner. Maxis makes a 2.25X20" in slick (saw it at my LBS, I think it was a Ringworm) and knobby, and save my money and get an Onza or even a KH.
But given this price range, I’d get the Qu-Ax if you like longer kranks or this Nimbus w/ 127’s.

Hehe I love how you guys call the ocean the “pond”.:smiley: