New uni wheel size question?

I just got a mt uni for Christmas from my wife, and its my first. I want to learn trials as well as trail ride. My question is it came with a 26" wheel can I do trials with it? If not should I biuld a 24" wheel (spare) or buy another uni with a 24" or 20"? Which would be better 20" or 24" for trials?

        Thanks Tigger

For most natural trials you’ll encounter while trail riding a 24 or 26 with a wide tire works well. I think I can jump higher with my 24x3 Gazz than my 19x2.5 mod tire.

The main thing a larger diameter wheel will limit is going from a crank grab or pedal grab to rubber. You have to get an additional three inches of jump to land it.

Your type of hub will limit the height of drops. If you have a square taper I wouln’t go big. Otherwise, for learning trials you can do a lot of hopping, gapping, dropping, skinnies, etc. on a Muni tire.

If you end up liking trials I would save up for a splined Trials Uni with a 19x2.5 Trials tire.

The mt.uni my wife got me is the profile 26" stock w/ syncrose mental ss pedals and wondered if the 26" with a 2.5width or 2.6 which looks like the widest I can go in the frame would hinder me at all on, for example hopping up stairs, on play ground equip. stuff like that or would it be better buying another profile hub for a 24" with shorter cranks. My current cranks are 170mm stock.

Thanks Steve

Profiles are STRONG!

You’re set bro. :slight_smile:

Your best bet is to save up for a Trials unicycle. Switching wheels will be a big pain, and by the time you’re ready to make the investment you may agree it will be better to just have a second unicycle.

Re: New uni wheel size question?

If you are new to unicycling, you can do some trials on a 26" while you are learning and not going very big yet in drops and jumps. In the meantime you’d best save up for a 20" trials rig if trials turns out to be your thing. Almost all serious trials riders use a 20" wheel. In addition to the grab-to-rubber issue that UniBrier mentions, the other problem with using a 26" wheel for trials is that the wheel is weaker.

Klaas Bil