New uni videos: Lyon and Santa Barbara

Hey everyone, I just posted a couple new uni movies today. The first is actually from 2006, I just didn’t edit it until Friday night. Ok, now I’m going to copy and paste from my blog…

The Payback (103 mb)

Santa Barbara, 2006. Eyal, Dennis, Eric and myself rip up one the best Muni trails in town, Saddle Rock. Sweet soundtrack!!

Oh, if you have a fast connection, watch the high resolution version (211 mb)

The 2nd video I made while living in France last semester.

Ça Péte sa Mère! (93 mb)

Lyon, France 2007. Rémy and I attack Les Berges du Rhône.



You make the best muni videos, both this new one and northstar nincompoops were so much fun to watch.

sweet vid! how did you get such smooth camera shots with the riders going so fast?

I remember that rock.

I remember the other one a lot more though :wink:

Awesome vids.

Really enjoyable. Great riding! Having ridden that trail I can attest to the difficulty and it’s waaaay steeper than it looks on camera!

more like having walked it :wink:

Were you there smartass?!:stuck_out_tongue: Ok I did walk a lot of it lol! but I did ride…and upd lots of it too! I gotta go back there. I know the SB guys have ridden Saddle rock and all the other SB trails TONS of times; I went once so I have lots of catching up to do! :slight_smile:

jess i always enjoy your videos.

if you perchance have any more footage of zack baldwin, do edit it and put it up. i miss the sweet vids that you two were in/did.

Those were awesome.
The Saddle Rock vid makes it even more tempting for me to go to UCSB just for the unicycling;)

Nice vids Jes, I liked the skinny ridin in the second, and it seems like everyone fell into the same tree in the first haha! Nice work mang!!!

Great videos Jess! Very nice riding, too!

For those of you who haven’t been to Saddle Rock - it is ridiculously steep, narrow, and rocky, and the SB crew chews it up like they are riding on a level sidewalk. It is truly amazing to watch, and really hard to ride. I UPD’d pretty much the whole trail, at least when I wasn’t already walking my uni!

The women in Lyon who walks right by when you are both riding on the railing is so oblivious to what you are doing, it’s hysterical.

I cant get it to download, I have tried 2 different computers and waited over 5 minutes with high speed and still nothing, any ideas.

Nevermind it took a bit longer to download.
Good job Jess

Good quality, good riding and good music. Thanks! :smiley:

sweetness as usual, jess man.

awesome vids, great choice in music

Really enjoyed the MUni video !! You really make it look exciting. Well done !! :slight_smile:

Awesome Jess! Can’t wait to ride with you again hopefully soon. Going to MOAB? Do you know of anyone that’s going from SB? Colin and I will be there fo shar.


What kind of ankle guards is Denis wearing?

This should be in the video forum (I know you’ve been out of the loop for a while)

That is how all muni vids should be filmed!