New Uni Video!

Ok, so my brother and I have finally make another video. There are some very out dated clips but we put them in anyway.
Hope you like it

P.S. Please disregard everything after 4:07 :o

nice 24"!. cool vid:)

The best part of that whole video was after 4:07 why would I disregard it? hahaha great video by the way, and I’m still jealous of your KH…

Nice I really liked it!

You don’t look like your 17 :slight_smile:

nice vid! good riding fellow Cobourgien!

My brother is good on the 24", I not so much. But I really enjoy watching your vids because I know how hard it is to do stuff like that on a 24"

Well I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile: The KH is very nice, its my baby now, I maybe a little over protective though

Thank you
Then how old do I look? :thinking:

Thanks Luke! Hope to meet up you again sometime :slight_smile:

wow! How did you manage to get that good of quality on youtube? :astonished:

We used WMM and when you save it go to custom and chose high quality


You may want to try lowering your seat a bit. (Took some getting used to for me, but I can control the bumps better and fine for everything else once I got used to it)

A big problem w/ me on the bigger wheel is the fear of getting hurt. My UPD’s are often very awkward. I eliminated most of that fear by wearing lots of pads (ankle, knee/shin, wrist, elbow/forarm), esp. when I don’t land on my feet. My UPD’s are usually less awkward on my 20".

I forgot to ask, what kind of unis are your 24’s?

Also you may want to try longer cranks. I can ride much more of my trails (all very technical) w/ my 170’s. They are totally worth the slower speed on the easier stuff.

Mine is a Bedford and my brothers is a KH.
I’m defiantly thinking about longer cranks. The only thing is I mostly use my 24" for getting to and from school etc. so I like the speed of shorter cranks. I don’t do a lot of trail riding with it because I mountain bike race, so if I’m on the trails its with my bike. The trails in the video are just short ones of a rail trail.