New Uni Video

Hey all
Heres a quick vid I made of a ride with Tony Melton in Auckland NZ


(in it i land my first ever backwards grind and 360 unispin :slight_smile: )

Thoughts and Comments would be appreciated:p

That was great!

wow, that was great. I really liked the run up the wall mount thing.

congrats on the unispin!

Cheers Guys

Hey Amanda, I tried for ages to get 360 unispins and finnaly Tony (the other guy on teh video) showed me what i was doign wrong and itโ€™s all in the technique, where you hold the seat etc

Keep trying and good luck with it, grindings fun as once you get into it


that was a cool video

whoโ€™s the music by?

that was good. I liked the editing.

maybe better with a shorter intro?:wink: