New uni vid

Hey! :slight_smile:

I have no idea of what to call my video, so suggestions are appreciated ^^ Atm, it’s just ‘idk’, hehe.

Please leave a comment :slight_smile:

Great riding! :smiley: If I may, I would suggest trying to find some more interesting places to film.

You are gonna be soooo good :open_mouth:

+1 :astonished:


You are progressing really fast. Keep it up.
I’m glad to see you have real software now too.

Whoooa , no words , amazing!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: The thing is that there’s still very snowy here so I don’t got any option to choose locations really :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, I agree.

good video.:wink:
I like the music and the combo’s in the snow where the best I think :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

dang your tuck is really good now!

I can tell you have never experienced swedish winter.

Thanks :smiley:

what about flowtakes n snowflakes as a title :slight_smile:

or what about ‘awesome unicycle video’ as a title? :stuck_out_tongue:

i wish i could do any of that. haha.

I’m impressed!!!
Good stuff…

Hehe, thanks ^^ Hmm…maybe :stuck_out_tongue: