New Uni Vid (Shaun and Ryan)

Hey Everyone,
Shaun Johanneson and I made a little video together. We weren’t able to stitch them together, so we just posted them separately.
I hope you enjoy, I had a good time making my section. For my part, it wasn’t the greatest riding, and 5 clips got deleted by accident, but it should entertain.

Shaun’s Part
Ryan’s Part

well, that’s about it, enjoy!


Nice, I wish I lived in Toronto so I could maybe ride with you, but I suck, you wouldn’t want to ride with me.

wow that was a sweet movie. your masive hops never cease to amaze me.

Ryan lives in Ottawa if im not mistaken…And it wouldnt matter if you were crappy at riding…can you think of a better person tolearn from?

Haha i’m the first non canadian to post in this thread :slight_smile:

Amazing vid! I like your massive hops and Shaun’s got such a variety of flips and spins it’s almost magic.

its only like 40 miles between hamilton and toronto. that’s doable for a day of riding and such.

edit: the video was awesome. i liked your donkey kick at the beginning of your part. kind of lazy style, which looked pretty sweet.

Nice riding both of you. What is the opinion of you uni abusers? Is the new Moment hub better/stronger than the '05 KH/Onza?

Wow, thats awesome! Ryan’s part makes me want to do trials…

Great video guys. It’s always difficult to keep riding during the winter months.

Shawn, I was wondering about your choice of leg protection. Does it bother you that your shin/knee pads don’t protect the back of your legs? I have the same pads and I keep getting big scrapes up the back of my calf. Did you choose your pads for the heavier protection in front as a trade off for no protection in back? Or, maybe you are so good your pedals never run up the back of your calves!

i can do 2 more pull ups than ryan atkins

But Can you do em the way he does…With his fingers…

ya i ahve that same rock climbing thing

awesome video, I liked the over lay of clips in Ryan’s part, that looked really cool. Seems like Ryan isn’t much of a talker :stuck_out_tongue:

That was very impressive!! I liked how each of you immitated the other’s style at the beginning, that was cool. I also really liked the second song in Ryan’s part, all the music was good though. Nice job!

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Hamilton to Toronto on a bike takes like three hours… I wouldn’t even dream of going that far on a bike let alone a unicycle… Burlington is as far as it gets for me, on a bike of course.

Yes! That was great. I have been looking forward to see Ryan´s new vid and now it finally came. Sweet.
I also think that Shauns part was one of best vids by him in long time.
But that´s just my 2 cent.
Anyway thanks for awesome vids! \o/

yea i know what you mean, it sucks not having a car to ride everywhere.

hmm, Ryan your part was great. Talk about inspiration. i find myself enjoying watching the trials more than the street. street played in real time as apposed to slow mo all seems to look about the same.

Great riding on both parts. Ryan you can nearly hop higher than i can drop and Shaun you can rolling hop the same amount of stairs i can do forwards, backwards.

Ryan your part rocked :smiley: