new uni under $300

i want a 24’’ uni that will last me a long time and will be afordable matnence for up to $300

get the DX

For 300$ the Torker DX is probably the best choice. It has a splined hub’n cranks, and wide rim’n tire. Its the best strength wise uni you’ll find for $300 :wink:

torkers have a uncanny ability to snap at the most inopportune (sp?) moment.

Only on the 2006 versions, and older.

The 2007 frame has been fixed and reinforced. Tested by riders and is now the one in production.

Even if you do get the 2006 frame, after it brakes, you can put on a nice Nimbus II frame for a mere 50 dollars. =p

Still ends up being a very cheap strong uni.

dose udc sell 07s if not will they by the new year because i am going to by one after the new year yay

They should be selling the new reinforced models. I don’t think the new model is officially called the “07 model” either, it’s just what everyone calls it. I’m pretty sure that all of the torker DXs being produced now have the reinforced frame.

Is the updated automaticly? I want to buy the 2007 DX from the site but I don’t know if it’s on the site.

Yes is updated they sell the 07 one. I myself am getting an 07 torker DX for christmas as well :slight_smile:

Awesome. I’m glad I broke my CX right before Christmas. Perfect timing :slight_smile:

is that a 20"(not 19")DX?

It’s a 24" in the picture.

i want a 24 so that will be good to now

Okay, not every one who owns a 24" DX prior to the reinforced version has had trouble. I’ve had the muni for over a year and I’ve dealt it some pretty hardcore abuse and I’ve yet to have any problems with it. The uni is rock solid whether or not you get the reinforced frame.

its 24 in the pic, but the DX only comes in 19" after 2006 model
and they all have lifetime warranty on the frame, so if you break it you get a new one anyways, but you have to pay shipping, which is BS because in the warranty it says you DON’T have to pay it GRR