New Uni Trick

Today was a good day. The water main broke at school so we left at 10 instead of 3. I got home, and the first thing i saw was a mini-skateboard and a my uni.
Here is the trick i can land about 70% of the time.
I set the mini skateboard up straight. I get on my uni and back up about 20 feet. I approach the mini skateboard and at the last moment to a rolling hop onto the board, stopping the uni on the board and propelling the skateboard forward.
Its basically a rolling hop onto a skateboard, but its really fun. I havent tried it with a regular skateboard yet, but i think it would be easier.
This trick is loads of fun, but the only problem is the falls a re pretty hard if you miss.


P.S. Just ask if the trick is unclear to you, i kind of rambled through the whole thing.

sounds fun!

Can you ride off?
I wouldn’t imagine I would be that hard <-- This coming from the guy that can’t rolling hop yet.


Actually riding off, or i guess you could say dismounting is fairly easy with the mini, because once it stops you just to a small side hop. I can go off the front too but it makes it more difficult and the wheels always slip out.