'New' uni trasporter

Well, me and Mrs Sofa did it!

We picked up a 2000 Saturn LW1 (wagon) for under $10,000cdn, (after all is said and done, taxes, dealer fees, etc…)

93,000 km’s, fully loaded. Granted that may be quite a few Km’s, but in my mind was VERY worth it.

Went to another dealer after…just to see…and he goes, you want a wagon?


‘does it NEED to be a wagon?’ [as his search of his inventory was not bringing up anything similar]


‘what are you going to be carrying?’ [in a ‘are you sure you NEED a wagon’ tone of voice]

12 unicycles (pay attention Darren!)

‘oh’ :frowning: (he said as he new I wasn’t HIS sucker (I was someone else’s)

All in all, we got a great deal (did lots of internet researching) and can now throw in everything we own in the car.

Now…kids…or another uni or 3? hmmmmm Tough choice!

On a side note: You must’ve seen the CARFAX commercials offering a free run on the VIN? I did this, and it brought up 3 records match our database.


'In order to see if these records bring up a ‘good’ car or a ‘bad’ car, you need to pay $19.99.

Just to see, I ran my Geo Metro with no real car repairs done to it…3 records.

OK, it’s worth the $20, now just to see if it’s still good.

The records that bring up the info in the database are such like…bought car…transferred owner to this one…transfrerred to car dealer.

Worth the search to bring up no car wrecks, odometer roll backs, etc…(according to garage records, of course)

But I think we will be very happy with this…except Mrs Sofa has an issue.

She wanted a wagon to hold all of ‘my’ OK, …my…crap. Except she didn’t think it through…all my smelly pads aren’t gonna be in the trunk…they’ll be just ‘back there’ heh heh, sucker!

I’ll post pics when the car is all ‘uni-d up’

I hate buying more than one wheel at a time, but a Geo Metro can only last so long . It was a very good car while it lasted, 5 years with no repairs…except come 5 years everything needed work)

Seeing all the cars that are only 20,000Km’s into it that are 3 levels up of what a new car would cost, and now with the interent for researches and reviews, I doubt I will ever buy a new car again. It’s depreicated 1/4 as soon as you drive it off the lot.

It’s no Honda Element, but it’ll do until I get one!

Re: ‘New’ uni trasporter

Congratulations on your car purchase. It’s hard to have a “cool” vehicle and at the same time have it fit a large number of unicycles (or people, or other stuff). Me and my minivan are fine with that.

Re the quote above, advice to all car buyers: never let the dealer tell you what kind of car you want. You should really figure this out on your own first. The dealer’s motives are usually not the same as yours. They will tend to steer you to the best commission, or the one they most need to get rid of.

My next car, if I buy new, will be a Toyota Sienna. But as Sofa says, there’s lots of depreciation on a new car, so I might also get something used.

car rentals

I still stick to over-used cars for a simple reason : if i want to go
“somewhere” I just board a train and on arrival I rent a car.
here is the problem:
how to notify the car rental agency that you want the smallest car possible
fitting around a Coker?
last week in the south of France my rented car was so small that I nearly
ripped off the back-seat trying to push the Big One in:)


P.S.: needless to say that If I board a plane it’s my 20" who accompanies me
I built a cute pack out of a body-board bag