New Uni T-shirt!

I came up with this idea for a T-shirt earlier today, and figured out how to design it using GIMP, by trial & error. I think it turned out really well! :sunglasses:


Plus it’s great exorcise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, I’m not making an obscene gesture–my broken finger is in a splint! :o:(

Did you break it while unicycling?

Yeah, but I initially thought it was just a bad sprain; I jammed it bad on an otherwise routine UPD. I retained full range of motion but after almost THREE months it hadn’t healed. In fact, it was worse! So I splinted it about 4 days ago and the swelling and pain has gone down significantly. I plan to leave it on for a good month to 6 weeks before removing it, using a surgical glove to keep it dry when taking showers.