New uni suggestions

I have a 24" Muni now and want a larger wheel. I am almost exclusively an off road rider. I am torn between 27.5 and 29. 26 would be too close to my 24. What would most people suggest. Also are dual hole cranks worth the price of buying a KH vs a Nimbus? Thanks

There’s more to buying a KH than just the cranks. The disc brake is mounted outside on the KH meaning you don’t have a dished wheel. This is stronger in theory, but I haven’t heard many issues with the oracle. The KH has a noticeably nicer saddle though, and of course cranks. I like dual hole cranks for different trails I ride.

I would also at least consider a fat tire. They will allow you to ride over just about anything with ease. Sensitive to tire pressure, but very very fun, and capable for anywhere sandy or snowy without a lot of compromises now that they are so light.

I ride either a 26+ or a 29er for off-road singletrack, but different people prefer different sizes. Note that a 27.5 with a 3" tire, A 26+, and a 29 x 2.4 are all going to be about the same speed, but you’ll get more or less float as you go wider.

I think it depends on what you’re looking to do with it, but I like having polarizing wheels, so I’d go with either a 29 x 3" KH or a fat tire. . . everybody is different though.

I was in a similar situation a few months ago. I went with the KH 27.5" and it’s been great so far. You may also want to take into account the trails you ride, but a 27.5" seems to work well for both technical stuff and covering distance.

Which 24" MUni do you ride right now? What cranks do you use, and are you happy with your foot position? This would influence whether you would prefer the KH or Nimbus cranks.

Dual hole cranks should really be paired with a good quick release seat post clamp, but I am a big fan.

You will probably find this thread started by George J informative. He was asking a similar question regarding unicycle choice and KH vs Nimbus etc.

I was just going to post that thread here.

If it would help, I am thinking of the 27.5. While there isn’t much of a difference between the two wheel sizes, I think that the smaller diameter might be a bit easier to control in technical sections (especially with myself being smaller). I am also leaner towards the Kris Holm when compared to the Nimbus. The stronger wheel, better seat, the dual hole cranks, and the Canadian company all helped me make that decision.

However,take this with a grain of salt since I am not the most knowledgeable on this topic which is why I made that thread in the first place.

My frame is custom. You can see it in my other threads. The wheel is a Torker DX 24" With the Torker cranks. I just put a 3" Duro tire on it. I havent had a problem with it yet. I am riding a Stadium saddle, which is good in profile but a little too hard. I have been leaning toward the KH 27.5 because of the Fusion saddle and the cranks. However I can get a 29" Oracle for about $150 less. I am hoping there will be some black friday sales.

I have an off-road uni and a street uni. For the off-road I have a 27.5 and it rides and climbs well. My street uni is a 26 and climbs like a champ but is too small for 10 mile rides. My preference is 1000ft climbs when I ride so I prefer a 26er for this as it’s easier on the knees.

So, if I could start all over again I would have done things differently. I would’ve bought a geared 26 off-road muni (short technical rides) and a geared 29 street unicycle (10+ mile rides). Depending on what you’re planning to ride and your skill level, I just can’t see how a 29 is going to be easy to handle on technical trails. A 27.5 is decent but a 26 is easier to jump, hop, turn, etc in my opinion. A 24 seems way too slow unless you’re doing technical downhill runs and I can understand why you’d want to go larger.

Bottom line: go with a 26 muni (eventually put a Schlumpf on it) or maybe a 27.5

Come ride with me ; )

The idea is to use the extra momentum and rollover to get you over obstacles you couldn’t hit directly on a smaller wheel. The 29 with a 2.4" ardent is lighter than a 26 with a 3" Duro by far.

I find the 29er much easier over rock gardens, climbing, etc. Places where you wouldn’t think it would be appropriate. 150 cranks give you plenty of leverage, and 125s let you really fly on smoother single track.