New uni stuff on cafepress

My wife astutely pointed out to me that, although the unit price is higher, $3 for a bumper sticker is less money spent than $150 to print 100 stickers.

With that in mind, I decided, after all, to use cafepress, at least for now. My store’s url:

My stuff has either my uni guy, or my new…wait for it…Kokopelli unicyclist:

Also prominently featured is the slogan “UNICYCLE! LIKE A BIKE WITHOUT THE TRAINING WHEEL”

are the designs on the shirt anti-aliased?

Umm…yeah…er…no…err…what? I dunno dude.

an alias is like a nmae you go by or something i think, and so i i think he means will the shirts have your name steveyo on the shirts like in the picture you included. the answer would probably be no.

There is no signature on the shirt, if that’s what alias means.
But (after I did a bit of googling) the “anti-aliased” Seager meant is more probably this.
Seager: The designs are all monochrome bmp files. So I believe they are aliased, not anti-aliased.

This is the last bump, but I just put a multi-image 3X5 Sticker up on, so you can cut it up and have lots of small stickers for helmets and such.

chosen, good guess but you are entirely wrong, anti-aliasing is a graphical process, im guessing it goes someway to removing the ‘jaggies’ at the edge of the picture

Im sorry if this sounds rude… but I do not like the designs on any of your shirts… why dont you sell shirts like do the Muni and all them ? or why dont u do abbaibles project of the super uni shirt ?

Of the things you say, Max, that is just about the least rude.

It’s OK if you don’t like the designs. I guess I hadn’t found any yet exactly like I wanted and that’s OK, too.

i like all your designs steveyo but i dont muni at all, ever. if there were like freestyle stickers or shirts then id buy. are those in the works?

me either I dont Muni… I street and trials… but I dono I like the other unicycling shirts I guess… even tho I never bought one

anti-aliased is something used in 3d rendering, and fonts, it smooths the edges of pixilated objects/images, so instead of seeing a staircase of pixles going down the side of that box on your 32x32 res image, it automaticaly smooths the edges out, de pixalizes in a way, but keeps the res of the image at 32x32, this is helpfull with things like fonts, which already have standards for sizes, which are often considered very pixilated today, and video games, where high res, textures can really kill your video cards memory.

As for flat images, I think he’s just asking if you’ll smooth the edges a bit because they are a wee bit pixilated.

Thank you for the good explanation.

Any suggestions how to “anti-alias” the pics? I have a freeware photo-editor with which I can “blur” the image, but not sure that’s the same.

i don’t know what you used to make the images, but paint.NET has an easy option to turn on anti-aliasing when you’re drawing. it just creates gray pixles to fill out the lines.

Another possibility is using Vector graphics (like in Flash) as these can be blown up super-huge and not lose their smooth edges. It’s really handy