new uni record mt. washington

congrats to eric for setting a new record on mt washington today. i always look at the results every year to see when someone will go faster. must have been a nice weather day today. the bike record mens and womens were set on nice weather days. theres still a 1 hr 25 min time to be had by someone, imho. congrats eric!!!

what was the course like? total miles? elevation change?

About This Race:

This 7.6 mile all-uphill race to the summit of the highest peak in the northeastern United States is the primary annual fundraiser for Tin Mountain Conservation Center located in Albany, NH. For the privilege of pedaling up the unrelenting grade, sometimes with winds of 40 mph or more, elite and amateur cyclists pay an entry fee of $350, from which all proceeds support Tin Mountain’s great work promoting an appreciation for the natural world while instilling the bedrock principles of sound stewardship and sustainable lifestyles. Entry fees help support Summer Camps, School Programs, and Community Programs for both adults and children. To learn more about Tin Mountain Conservation Center click on the box Learn About TMCC at the top left of this page.

Please understand you are considering participating in a race where the venue is Mount Washington, which is noted for having very challenging weather conditions.

Course Information:
Just how steep is the course? The Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb and Newton’s Revenge are known as the toughest hillclimbs in the world at 7.6 miles in length, has an average grade of 12% with extended sections of 18% and the last 50 yards is an amazing 22%! Sprint that to the finish! See Course Map

Mount Washington Record

Hi Mike and others.

Yes I was blessed with some great weather! The 2 day forecast had it at 40 degrees and gusting 40-60 MPH but it ended up sunny at the top, 50 degrees and deed calm winds.

My time was 1:40:42.
This year I dropped from my 29" wheel to a 26" and 170 mm cranks. It was a perfect set up. I was able to drop more then half an hour from last year.
I still cramped up 3 times and came to a dead stop but not until around 6 miles into it. Not sure if its nutrition or just the lack of any hill longer then 1/2 mile to train on in Rhode Island!

Washington is a great mountain to race on. The crowd is totally into it and the bike riders are also great. One comment I heard often when I passed a bike was,“Hey, do me a favor and don’t tell my kid I got passed by a unicycle!”

One advantage on a unicycle, no chain to break: (A friend broke his chain at the 2 mile point and ran the rest of the way up carrying his bike)

I look forward to a few more uni’s on the mountains in the future, Its always more fun with a group. Any one going to Vermont October 3rd for Allen Clark App Gap Hill Climb?


New uni record Mt. Washington

Yes I was blessed with totally awsome weather. The 2 day forcast had been for 40 deg with winds of 40-60 MPH. What we got at the top was 55 deg with no wind and a view all the way to Canada!

I did have a great ride in setting the new Mount Washington record of 1:40:42 which is a 1/2 hour faster then my last years time.

Keys to my improvements:
-A smaller wheel: I rode a 26" with 170 cranks instead of the 29" I rode last year.
-I was 8 lbs lighter then last year
-The smaller wheel let me stay in the saddle more except for the 18% mile of unpaved road and the last 22.5% part
-I did not get leg cramps untill the 6 mile point. I still got it 3 times so bad that my legs locked up and off the uni I went. Not sure if its nutrition (I did take some electrolyte replacement but maybe not enough) or training (Rhode Island does not have any hills longer then 1/2 miles long)

The crowd at Mt. Washington is great. Totally pumped up to see a unicycle amoung 600 bike riders. A few guys made the comment when I passed them “I’m getting passed by a unicycle? Do me a favor and don’t tell my children!”

A special thanks to Mary and the Tin Mountain staff. They put on a great race. It would be great to have a few more uni’s for next year.

And Mike, what did you mean by the 1:20 goal? Was that the time to beat to get in the elite bike group?


Congrats again Eric, took you two tries though didnt it:) That is an excellent event, like you I was blown away by it. The weather does make a HUGE difference in the race, no wind on Mt. Washington, lucky dog.
The 1:20 time I referr to, is the time that I think some day the fastest unicyclists will finish in. I finished in 1:45 with a 29er, which I guess is still the fastest 29er time, and I stopped to take it all in, twice.
In 05’, I witnessed bicyclists getting blown over on their bikes due to wind and steepness, and not just side to side, but backwards onto theirs backs still locked into their pedals :astonished:
I was blessed to experiance the “Classic Mt. Washington” weather that it is world famous for.
Here is a pic of me right before the finish. Congrats again.

Wow, I missed this thread somehow, but CONGRATS! Eric. You rock.

Excellent ride Eric.

Sounds like a fantastic event. I’m going to pencil it into my calendar for next year.

Just out of curiosity what crank lengths were both of you (Eric & Mike) running on you 29’ers?


Erics first attempt in 09’ was on a 29er, not sure crank length, his ride this year was on a smaller wheel, 26er w/170’s.
My ride in 05 on a 29er used 170’s.

The main reason I haven’t done it yet is the price - $350. Yowch!

Great job Eric
now that you’re buddies with the race organizers you should see if you can get a group-uni discount on the price and maybe we can round up a team of us.