new uni - recommendations?

I’ve been thinking about getting a new uni to complement my current Torker CX 24" and Qu-Ax 24" MUni. I want something I can ride for relatively long distances easily, ride on sidewalks easily, and hop onto/off of curbs on without seriously injuring it. As long as it meets those criteria, cheaper is better. I think based on what little I know that a 28" or 29" would be best, but I’m not sure what model to get. So far, I’ve looked at:
A Nimbus,
A Pashley,
A Sun,
And a Yuni,
So I’m worried about the Sun’s durability, but I know nothing about the rest of them. I’ve included a bit more information about my riding below in case it’s relevant. If you need more, just ask.
I’m a level 3 rider by the official criteria, though I’ve never been tested, I live in a relatively hilly area, my rides are usually inside 5 miles (maybe 10 kilometers, I don’t do metric), I’m 6’0" and 145 pounds but still growing vertically.

On a slightly related note, the seat posts that recommends for my height are WAY too long. What’s up with that?

The pashley is solid, but pretty outdated.
The sun is good and cheap, but pretty weak.
The nimbus and Yuni are pretty good all around.

So a toss up between those two.


I would say Nimbus, the Yuni is good too, but its really up to you. I would say Nimbus because of the price.

yeah the yuni and the nimbus look good. I wouldnt think that the Yuni saddle is very good its old KH style which has the annoying handle, but then again the nimbus gel isnt very good either for long distance

at least the yuni u can get a road tyre and shorter cranks, which is more suited for road… if thats wot u plan on doing

I don’t really know what the difference is between the different tyres you can get for the Yuni…can anyone clear that up?

I was in a similar situation a couple years ago, and I bought the Yuni. Now I have a Nimbus 36 and never ride the Yuni. :wink:

As for the tires, the Nanoraptor has light offroad tread that still rolls pretty well on pavement. The Kenda Klaw has a thicker tread that is great for 29er muni. And the Big Apple is a very nice slick which is good if you plan to mostly ride on pavement.

I would suggest the Nimbus 29er with a big apple tire, it’s a pretty good unicycle for a smart price. Have you thought of a radial 36"? It’s better for long distance and it’s cheaper than the Pashley and only slightly more expensive than the Yuni.

It’s not? :astonished: I’ve been using it on my 36" for ages and I don’t much see the problem, what are your arguments? You might even convince me to switch saddles :wink:

I thought about getting a 36", because I like the bigger diameter (coughcompensationcough), but I’d heard elsewhere on this site that 36ers didn’t work well on sidewalks.