New Uni Purchase!

So here’s the deal. I need a new unicyle, so I’m going for a proper freestyle. Since all the parts I want don’t exist on any prebuilt uni, I’m gonna get them all individually from UDC and put them together myself.

After much debate with myself, and forum-searching, reading and research, this is what I’ve come up with as my dream freestyle uni (minus a Wyganowski (sp?) frame, because those cost an arm and a leg!):

Semcycle blue airseat conversion
Sem XL seatpost, 300mm
Sem XL longneck frame (these look sweet!)
Primo ‘The Wall’, blue
Nimbus II wheelset, 48 spoke
110mm Bike Euro Cranks
United Deluxe Pedals

I think the blue tire and blue seat will look awesome. My 127’s on my current uni really feel like they’re restricting my speed, and I can idle for hours, or more realistically until I get bored and fall over, so I’m not worried on that front.

The goal with this unicycle is to get myself something that’s high-quality, designed for freestyle and that will last me a long time. I think I’ve got it figured - I didn’t want anything black because black is boring, so I didn’t bother with the KH. This is a bit more expensive, but worth it IMO. I figured I’d ask you guys before I went ahead and placed the order though, just to check and make sure there’s nothing I’m really missing.

I’ll post pictures when it comes in at the very least. :smiley:

p.s. - also have the rim strip/tube etc included in my order - should I go with the Velox rim tape or just the rubber strip? what’s the difference?

That looks pretty similar to my freestyle unicyle…except that a bunch of stuff is different:)

The frame is really awsome, there is (as far as I know) nothing better except for custom stuff (which is too expensive) I have one, and reccomend them without hesitation to anyone wanting a good freestyle frame.

The pedals, cranks, and saddle seam fine (I haven’t actually used that saddle for freestyle, but I am going to switch for it soon- right after I get done posting this)

The primo tire is good, right now I have a hookworm, but it doesn’t come in that awsome blue color:)

The only thing I would question is I think you would be better off with a higher quality wheel, as it is used most of the time. For certain tricks it seams like having a stronger/truer rim would be helpfull. The wheelset I use is here
although I am sure there are other good choices.

I am sure it will be an awsome uni, it will really help with
freestyle skills, just give yourself a week or so to
completely adjust to it.

The Koxx freestyle uni looks good too. USA doesn’t have them (although I’m sure they will at some time). UK does have them. If I was looking for a new freestyle uni I’d be tempted to get the Koxx shipped from the UK.

A uni built up with the Sem Long Neck frame would also be good.

You don’t want an air seat on a freestyle uni. The air seat causes too much of a disconnect with the uni. An air seat makes it more difficult to make subtle changes to balance using the hips. Air seats work for muni and Coker riding. They don’t work for freestyle. Playing with the foam is a better solution. Trying a foam like Neoprene or some closed cell foam from a backpacking sleeping pad is a better way to go than air.

Just posting to say it’s arrived, I’ve got to do some … ‘custom work’ on the Sem saddle to make it up to snuff with a KH, but the saddle absolutely has to be blue, so that’s that.

Also posting to say that I am enjoying the hell out of it, this thing makes spins effortless, and when I drop it it makes a nice solid twang instead of the sound of many individual parts hitting the ground. I love the longer cranks and already won’t go back to 127’s. Amazing! You can’t go wrong with snazzy blue.


I’m glad to hear all these awsome reviews for the sem longneck because I’m placing an order for mine today. That makes my uni a lot like yours:

Nimbus X Wheelset
Red Primo Tire
Semcycle Longneck Frame
114 Qu-Ax Cranks
Plastic Platform Pedals
KH Seat w/ Torker CX Post

Yay, I love my cycle, and your’s too!!!

Flyer, your new uni looks really sweet!

I’m currently riding a qu-ax professional, but I wanna upgrade it with a Koxx longneck frame and a red primo tire, to match my red hub. I’ll also pimp my ride further, with a red die valvecap :sunglasses: , but I’ll need a schrader tube for this gadget to fit…

That’s lovely.