New uni? Please help...

Hey, :sunglasses: . I’ve been doing great on my unicycle. I can do 360 unispins, hop off really high stuff, ect ect… Well I’ve ran into a problem; my uni is a piece of junk. It’s nice but I’ve had it for awhile and it’s been smashed, banged, dropped and more. I’m not sure weather to just replace the cranks though. I don’t have barely any money, and I have more stuff to spend it on.

Here are some pictures I took about 5 minutes ago.

The cranks. I just got some new ones and the pedal just completely got stripped out.

Just showing my enormous crank size. The uni on the left is my brothers, he has the cranks that came with it. My cranks are made for bikes.

Yeah. Look at the pedal, :astonished: .

Please tell me if I should just get new cranks or something. You can;t see it in the pictures but my cranks are REALLY scratched up.


Get a new uni…

Get a Torker DX.
Well worth the money, and if you’re on a budjet, it is the best uni/cost at around $240US on eBay.

Don’t bother replacing anything on that “piece of crap.”

Get a Torker DX or Qu-Ax trials.

Hmmm… DX. I hate to sound like a poor weird but that is too much. I have no job, no allowence and I get my money by getting presents. Right now I only have a $25 gift certificate to Toys R Us.

I was think more like an LX? Is that good?


Hm…consider asking for it as a present?

The LX won’t withstand the abuse much better. It isn’t meant to be taken off drops.

I’ve heard a lot of good stuff for the LX. If you are breaking your cranks now though, the LX will just be a repetition.

Another option is to get a better set of used cranks, or get a whole uni used.
Look through the FS sale, but I don’t think you’ll find anything lower than $200US.

I would start saving you birthday money and go around your neighborhood asking to do chores for cash. You could make $50 easy if you put your mind to it.

I don’t get anything for birthday. The best money I got last year was $80 for getting surgery, :smiley: ! Man I hope something bad happens to my body so I can get some money!

I am thinking about the Qu-ax trials uni… Seems a good price for it. I’ll think about that.


Which one?

Uh… I dunno. I searched the Luxus and Profi on google but all the results were in German, :astonished: . They look nice though.


Hate to double post, but I was looking through and found a nice Nimbus 20" Trials uni. It looks sturdy and good. Would that work? FYI I’m only 100 pounds.


Although the cranks are a bit stronger and the hub more so, if you are bending your cranks already eventually you’ll bend those as well.

Do like Danni said do yard work, cleaning, grocery shopping for the old or disabled, etc. for cash and save up for a DX, Nimbus Hopley or Qu-Ax yellow hub.

If you can put up w/ the bent cranks for a while do so (if not get some stronger cranks like these ), and cut out all the drops. Focus on flatland and technical trials. When you get your splined trials turn your old uni into a loaner or freestyle specific uni.

$220 DX + $25 shipping

You don’t want the red hub Qu-Ax, it’s the same strength as the Nimbus II.

Thanks alot! I’ll get those cranks.

I asked my dad “My unicycle is junk and I really need a new one if I want to keep riding” and he just told me no and that I shouldn’t. He’s been mean alot lately (not just materially). He never pays me squat for doing chores like mowing our huge lawn (it is huge).

I will do what ^ said.

Shorter cranks

The cheapest thing I can think of is to order higher quality cranks, as short as you think you can stand. This will reduce the leverage- stress on the axles and cranks. And try to avoid tricks that may break it before you can replace it.
Take up freestyle !

My unicycle club can help you raise money to buy a new unicycle if you are interested. Let me know if you are interested. We like doing things like that!

^ Thanks!!! Uhh… I’ll ask. Just wait awhile.

I may just buy cranks.


there are tons of ways to make money when you are 13.

  1. go around to neighbors houses and ask for donations to help you buy a new unicycle.

  2. Wash peoples cares, or mow their lawns.

  3. invite tons of people to your birthday party, and then return most of the presents for cash.

  4. get a credit card and deal with owing people money later :slight_smile:

  5. ask you mom for a new unicycle, not your dad.

  6. be obsessive about unicycling. mention it consistently around your parents. they might end up helping you.

oh and the price a KH is at AE bikes, you might as well get that instead of the qu-ax

My dad says he won’t pay me for mowing the lawn today, but my mom promises me $15, :sunglasses: . I mow once a week so… $75 a month. Mabey my mom can buy some of it while I pay for most.

EDIT- God my dad is retarded. He just called me about mowing and said I needed to do it now. I told him I had to do school work (I home school) but he said no. I am almost 1 year behind in school and he wants me to mow. He got mad at me and said “I’LL JUST DO IT” and hung up.

Whenever I ask my mom about getting anything she says “Ask dad”. He’s basically rich yet he gives me nothing.


My dad once took me out of school for a few days to weed a hill and paid me a whoppin $0! Some people have different priorities.