New uni pics! Just back from P. Coating!

Yeah, I saw that:(


Hmmm, that’s a good idea there! Mabe they would comeoff easier with a hair dyrer to loosen the adhesive.

I ment the one where it looks all bump and silvery

Yeah dan…I just said, I think its called Hamer-Mill.

It would be tricky to mask off the SIDES of the rim, which need to stay UNcoated because of the brakes. When they P.coat, the oven bakes at over 400 degrees, so whatever they mask itwith needs to be heat resistant. seems getting a good even masking on the sides would be difficult given the 360 shape.
my coker rim was done is all black, with the spokes and hub in place, but I’d probably de-lace the torker rim in this case. seems like a waay lot of work simply to change from red to black.

You could try wax to keep the P. Coat of the sides of the rim…When you glaze a piece of pottery (over 1800 degrees) you use wax to keep the glaze matrial off the part you dont want it on…Maybe this same principle could work for P.Coating?

Wax??? Wouldn’t that melt…at even a LOW temp?

Well it always worked for the pottery:D Maybe you just cant do the rim…but ive heard that anodizing the rim wont affect the braking surface…

I think I’ve decided to have the P.coating guy do my torker frame in rich, super high gloss yellow! With black post, clamp and cranks. What’dya think?

I asked him if he could do camo, but that’s a no, and the job I did is already pretty scratched up. :slight_smile:

Yellow? How many colors has that DX been, anyway?

I personally don’t like yellow much… I like the camo, if you could get that clear coated.

that’s cool!
ima get my QuAx Muni frame p. coated bright, eye-stinging yellow when i find a good powdercoating place in town or in the next city over.

The Austrian Unicyclists have coloured their unis, too. Results:


Actually, my summit has been changed the most, color-wise. It used to be orange, then yellow, and then
graphite, and now finally, blue P.coat. which I love! The camo is only the first change on the DX from the original black,

the idea is that the glaze, when applied does not adhere to the waxe parts. yes it does burn off, but the glaze has a high enough surface tension when molten that it does not bleed onto the areas that have no glaze, in other words, the glaze does not wet the surface of the unglazed portion which had been waxed.

them look awesome

Thanks Blake!


hm … that seat looks really uncomfortable … but other than that this uni looks awesome w/ that blue color!