New uni pics! Just back from P. Coating!

Here are new pics of my coker and summit trials. Both were P. coated; the summit was done in “transparent lolypop blue”, with black seat post and clamp. The coker in “sliver-vein” with black post and clamp AND…the RIM, spokes and hub were also P. coated in satin black! Pretty cool.:smiley:

PS: The summit is on the next post down.

Summit pic. It looks waaaay better in the sun!, but it’s overcast today!:slight_smile:

Wow! Those both look GREAT!

Thanks! And the best part is, I got it all done for zero $$! Actually, it was kindof a “trade”; In exchange for the P.coating jobs, I tuned the shop owner’s wife’s piano! But since I had to do some unanticipated repairs, he’s said he will do some more P. coating work for me if I need it.:smiley:

r u a piano tuner

you could assume that.

Nice paint jobs both of them!!
I would love to make my KH a little more personal and painting it yellow or something. But as always there are 1000 other things I have to do with my money before I can spend them on powder coating.

The Coker looks like my GB4 29er

Terry those look amazing…I love the look of that summit.

Thanks, Iwas really happy the way it turned out!

The blue is beautiful!!!

It looks just like my sun unicycle that I learned on lol

Sex on a wheel.

Very nice uni you both have.

hey what is that P.coating stlye called? I want that on either my nimbus or my kh(when I get one)

WOW! i like that blue… any chance i could send you my frame and have your little friend paint it? lol.

Not sure what “style” it is, but the color style is called “transparent blue”. I almost went with yellow, but now I’m glad I picked the blue!:smiley:

Sure, if you pay for it! I have a “credit” for one more frame as part of our “trade” arrangement, and so I’m having him do my Torker in clear to protect the camo paint job I did. Here’s a new pic showing my just added maguras! i’M ready to “Rock” now!!!:stuck_out_tongue: One thought that crossed my mind, is now that I have a brake lever under the seat, it may get damaged or break if I have bad upd; especially in rocky terrain! I know that the front handle will take most impacts, but uneven ground can still come in contact with the brake lever. Oh well…just have to be extra careful! :slight_smile:

Dan de man: that style is called Hammer-Mill if im not mistaken(anyone) but Im pretty sure thats what it is.

Terry: if you have the money for a wheel build you should see if he’ll do that rim for you too…Like in black or something.


Which wheel are you referring to? The coker wheel WAS done in black. Do mean the torker? If so, I could have him coat it in black, but I really don’t mind the red, plus I’d have to remove the “Alex rim” decals, which I like.

Yes, I was refering to the 24" torker rim. I suppose you could peels those decals off really carefully then re affix them after its black. Its really up to you good sir thats just my $0.02

You could put the stickers back on after, thats what Darren Bedford does when he powder coats rims. It looks pretty awesome.

Beat ya to it spencer!