New uni pics! Coolest uni ever? jk

Hey guys, I just got my uni all put together, i took me a while because of a few problems, Here are the finished pics. Also, who other than me figured out that you could take a generic seatpost off of a kh seat and stick it in a torker? I may repaint the seatpost even though i know it just gonna flake off, the uni is pretty good, also im trying to do wheelwalks on it… but!:smiley: :smiley:



Hey, generic seatposts DO fit in Torkers! My bro welded this one up for me, Worked pretty slick:

And my hub/cranks, My original cranks were too long, sent em back about a week ago for these shorter ones, thing is, theres paint in the splines so it went on hard:

The uni works great, Its very nice to do trials on:D

Looks good, didn’t know they has the qu-ax ISIS in the US yet, are you going to remove the nubs? It seems you have one of the earlier batch of cranks, with slightly bigger nubs than the new ones.

didnt know i could, how would i? those cranks are actually what udc sent me as replacements

the torker seatpost problem is with the LX seat. it’s bolt pattern is different.

You should flip the hardware on the bearing housings so the nut is on the top. That way you want mash up the threads doing stalls and such.

well, :roll_eyes: i dont see myself doing that kind of stuff at the moment, plus I can buy new bolts if it comes to that

Okay, or you could just put them the in the way they are suppose to go… whatever flips your boat.

I don’t get what the big deal was about the torker frames and seatpost thing. I’m pretty sure people already know that a 25.4 mm seatpost will fit into a 25.4mm id frame.