New Uni - Nimbus 29er!

I have now had my new Nimbus 29er for 2 days and wow - I’m pleased with it!

I started learning on a no name 24" but, having learned to go up and down my hallway, failed to improve at all until I bought a little Qu-Ax 19" trials which let me go ‘hands free’ across the much larger space of my living room.

As soon as I could freemount fairly reliably I started to use it outdoors, initially rather unsuccessfully on some bike paths on Cannock Chase. I persisted and rode it to walk the dog once or twice a day around my village - and then on rough paths around the New Forest while I stayed at my parents house down there.

There is nothing like riding out loads to improve your riding! I was doing 5 - 8 mile circuits with my dog in no time, but rather slowly!

So I bought the 29er. Wow! Its a beast to mount compared to my little Qu-Ax, but once I’m up on it everything seems much easier. The big wheel has some rotational momentum which smooths out the ride and seems to carry me up hills far more easily than the push-push rythmn of the smaller wheel. There seems to be bags of time to correct myself - as if the balance envelope was much larger. And it is, of course, much faster!

I took a couple of scary falls onto my hands and knees before I got the hang of UPDing from the greater height - but now the only real problem is that I’m killing my dog! Its much faster than my little Qu-Ax and I’m going to have to build his fitness up before I can get the most out of my new ride on our walks.

The 29 is a nice size - and riding one slowly is a good way of devloping your finesse - give the poor dog a chance!

If I had only one unicycle, it would definitely be a 29. Or possibly a 24. Or maybe the intermediate size of 26 - although a 36 is pretty versatile, and it would have to be that. But a 20 is useful for so many things and would be my definite choice.

You picked a good one. If people notice that your dog has lost weight, you’ll have to tell them “It’s the unicycling”.