New Uni Movie!!!!

Casey (CRAZY legs) and I made our first unicycling movie. Check it out and tell us what you think! The music is really quiet so turn up your volume for the soft parts, it will make it better. And for those of you non-dialup people, I recommend downloading the 56mb version, its definately worth it. It is 4 minutes and 16 seconds long.

O and it was supposed to be in sepia tone but that didnt work out, so just imagine it is.

-Lee, and Casey

Note: WHen Casey gets hit in the throat the helmet flys off yet he lands on the ground with it on. DOne with one camera!

Just had to point it out, nice little flick guys!



T. R. S.

Haha nice vid… went well with the music…



Id love to do that at full speep!

heheh, that was pretty sweet. I agree, I don’t like jousting on anything smaller than about a 26". it’s just not the same without speeed…

That was a very funny video.
You really did a good job with those slow motion close up shots.

Super job! You really captured the essence and the irony and the fun, all at once.

It’s good to see some thing different, and that really was different!

I bet there were a few large bruises after filming that.


Actually no one was injured at all during the making of this movie. The hits looked so real because we are just such great stuntmen ;).

Very entertaining movie. Good storytelling. Keep it up.

It’d be nice to see more uni videos with some form of storyline and flow to pull all the riding footage together, like you did in this video.

Really good movie I like the position of camera when you were hitting each other


I think that video can be summed up in one word: GAIDS

Like porn?

I dunno man, sometimes i like just action. I agree that story lines can be cool, but when used responsibly.

Nice vid, guys!