New Uni Help...

My wife and I have a 20" trials that we learned on and obviously jump around on. Now that we can ride, we’d like something with a bigger wheel for cruising and doing some muni on.

  1. What size wheel do you all suggest; 24" or 26"?
  2. Is it worth spending the money on a Kris Holm? Any thoughts on Nimbus for muni?


Yes, yes and yes.

I love my 24" (x 3") for MUni, but 26" is popular also. KH is definitely worth the money. Nimbus is also an excellent brand, for less money.

So if you were in our shoes and a 20" trials uni was all you had, which of those muni wheel sizes would you choose next to add to your collection? My wife and I both loved that we could ride longer on a 24", but wouldn’t we be able to ride longer/faster on a 26"? Gotta say, a 24" with a 3" wide tire sounds pretty rad!

The other question I have is, for muni do you NEED disc brakes and if so can I buy any type to put on my uni? The other thing I’m wondering is, how does the rotor attach to the uni? Does it attach to the crank arm or the hub?

you dont NEED them. i like to run breakless

So far, the only way to use disc brakes on a muni (without dishing out $800 for the Oregon) is to get the Mountainuni setup. You can read about that here. Rim brakes are more widely used, but they have certain drawbacks compared to disc brakes.

However, unless you plan on doing really steep downhills, you probably don’t need brakes at the moment, and you can always upgrade later.

I love my 24, but I don’t have experience with 26" munis, so I can’t really comment here.

I’m in the opposite camp as AustinLee. I ride a 26" and never tried a 24". You don’t need a brake to ride muni, it really depends on the terrain you choose to ride. A 26" will be faster and roll over more stuff but has the added weight of a larger tire.

If you both ride, are you considering two unis? A KH might be nice but two Nimbuses (Nimbi?) would be better!

I’m a big fan of Kris Holm’s unicycles; they’re worth every penny and a priviledge to own and ride. You can’t go wrong with a KH24. I have a KH20 and my KH24 feels so much bigger and faster. I plan to buy a KH29 for doing long distance rides, but I have ridden 20 miles on my KH24 without any problems or longing for a bigger wheel.

Having said all that the KH26 will give you more tyre choices than the 24 if you find you’re riding on tarmac and wearing your off-road tyre down at an alarming rate.

We’re both considering getting our own…and money is a little tight. I think we’re leaning towards two “Nimbi” (LOL) since they’re cheaper. I would LOOOOOVE to own a KH eventually though. I was thinking of getting a KH long neck…but can you do trials on one or is it more for street/flatland? But yeah, we’re just really torn on the wheel size.

We both know that the 26" rolls over obstacles easier and that you can go a little faster with fewer pedal strokes…but the flip side is that the bigger the wheel the less mobility you have, which I’m not sure I like. I also read in another thread that you can ride just as far on a 20” if your form is good…which makes sense WITH the addition of what I said above. Is my logic correct here? So then I guess its back to the age old adage, “it’s all relative”.

If so, then I recant my questions to ask, “what size wheel do you prefer to ride and why?”

Wheel size is a very tricky issue as you have found :slight_smile: I ride a 24x3 for bumpy MUni and a 29er for distance off-road riding. A 26" might be a good compromise or too compromised on either, depends how you ride. The 24" is great fun and allows me to ride more technical terrain so that’s my choice. Personally I’d avoid Kris Holm KH unis as they are prone to failure and there is a lack of customer support.

More or less the same here:

I prefer my Nimbus 24x3 for muni and my KH29 for trails and road riding. After I learned to ride last year, I used the 24" for several months with a 2.5" Hookworm and 125 mm cranks, which was ideal for roads and light trails.

I haven’t tried a 26" that obviously might be a good compromise - but I am very happy with both my 24" and 29" (and it is not a problem to switch between these two sizes).