New uni guy in St. Charles Il.

I posted this (more or less) to usenet last night…

Brave Sir Stupid has been working on a Sun 20" with ski poles for an
hour or to for the last 12 days.

Today i had several times of going 50’ sticks up – - i’m callin’ it. I
can unicycle. yaaaaaaay!!!

I was starting to get discouraged, but was reassured by everything i read and saw (those incredible videos) here, and trusted that eventually my brain thingy would do the hard work and …

Woohoo!!! As they say – if i can do it, anyone can!!

For the record;

St. Charles Illinois, near the river trail.

~15 hours of practice
daily cyclecommuter



Welcome to fold. With faith, practice and perserverance you will soon be worthy to become one of the Knights of the Holy Rail.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ