new uni grind

Alright, i was thinking, and i think i thought up a new grind. I dont know how possible it would be, but im definatley going to try it after school. But heres the grind, on a snowboard or skateboard people do boardslides, where they turn their board sideways and grind(slide) the rail. Im thinking we may be able to do this on a uni. one foot would go on the seat post and one on the crown, then the other side of the crown is the side being grinded on. i dont know how much sense that made, but i will try to put pics up after school (im at school right now:D )I have never seen anything like this on a uni and i think it would rock if it could be done. I think it would bring us even more into the sports like skateboarding and snowboarding.

Big Gulps eh?
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(the big gulps thing is from dumb and dumber.)

Re: new uni grind

we want videos

k i will try to get ahold of my freind brocks camera, i dont think i will be able to do it, but i will be able to show you the main idea. It will probably need to be revised so that it is easier to get on and off the rail back onto the uni.

u may want to think about leaving the outside foot on the pedal, the other foot can then rest against the seat-post
that will make setting up for this grind very much like a reversed kick-up mount
generating the lift neccesary to get the uni back in underneath u might be your biggest challenge
a seat out landing might be your best bet?

alirght, that sounds like it will work better, thanks…i think a seat out landing probably would be the best. i think i may be able to swing the seat under me in time though. I will have to see. I have all spring break next week to practice it:)

alrighty thanks



I have been working on this on a plastic picnic table, but have never been able to pull it off very smoothly. The actual grind is very simple (balance wise), but getting into and out of it are tough.

These are some tips, if they make any sense:

When you jump, throw the unicycle to the side as quick as you can and land with one foot on the side of the seat and the other in the pedal position or where the crank locks to the hub. This is the most difficult part of the grind to try and maintain enough momentum to actually slide. It helps to be jumping forward quite a bit when you air. I put my foot up higher on the crank as it gives you more control over the unicycle.

You’ll actually end up sliding/grinding on one of the blades of the fork instead of on the crown. Unless you have a really smooth surface to grind, it’s probably not worth trying.

The move is pretty rough on the unicycle and isn’t very practical, but I would be impressed if somebody could do it really smoothly. It is also a pretty neat stall to do on ledges.

I’d like to hear how it goes and if you come up with any other tips.


Hey I have the stupidest grind idea here I think. Imaging a hollow sqaure piece of metal, cut in half on the diagonal. Get one of them about the width of your seat, so it’s not really very visible. Now you stick it like behind the seatpost. One side should be touching the back side of your seat post, one should be touching the bottom of the seat. Now you go up to a rail, jump 90 degree twist and start grinding down that. It’d be a pretty funny sight.

But the one you guys aqre talking about doesn’t sound very cool to me in terms of the frame. When I plan getting my awesome unicycle, I wasn’t gonna get an awesome frame, since nobody ever seems to break it, I was gonna get an ok one though. But yeah, this sounds like you could easily break any frame that’s not $500 KH frame from

it is my personal belief that if you’re not on a skateboard you have no business grinding anything.

I think it’s dumb how all these “extreme sports” are gravitating towards skateboarding.

You are riding a unicycle…utilize it’s strengths…go ride a forest trail or something. leave the handrails and ledges to the skaters.

If that’s what people enjoy doing most, what could possibly be wrong with that? I haven’t done any grinding yet but I plan to in the future…because it looks like fun. Muni will always be my favourite though.


It seems like a great way to kill a unicycle to me also. --chirokid–

i’ve tried this too. its pretty easy to land as a stall on a ledge but realy hard to get out of a grind.

sure it scuffs your frame a bit but hey, grinding is always going to scuff up some part if your uni. live with it.

in my opinion nobody should ever try anything new or borrow ideas from other sports/circus arts.

leave off road riding to the mountainbikers. and freestyle to artistic bike riders. aND DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT COPYING BIKE TRIALS RIDERS.
we have no bussnes doing anything except things that are only possible on a uni.

put that wheel back on your penny farthing.
inovation is bad.

hey kristopher_peck. i dunno, but are you somehow related to george peck? the dude in the “rough terrain unicycling”? if youre so against progression of a sport, then i dont see how you could be related to him, or even have the same last name. he was into improving the world of mountain unicycling, and pushing its limits. you cant just be opposed to one part of unicycling progressing. if you dont want street riding to develop, then why do you ride at all? if you want to stick to the good 'ole freestyle skills, then go nuts. ride however you want, but dont be opposed to other styles man. i used to think trials was dumb, until i tried it out. its a lot of fun, and requires a lot of skill. i wouldnt have known that until i tried it though. so if i was you, id get your ass on your uni, and go find a 10 set rail to grind. you might have the guts to insult street riding, but i bet you dont have the guts to try it.

see ya, Kevin

"it is my personal belief that if you’re not on a skateboard you have no business grinding anything.

I think it’s dumb how all these “extreme sports” are gravitating towards skateboarding.

You are riding a unicycle…utilize it’s strengths…go ride a forest trail or something. leave the handrails and ledges to the skaters."

Hey Kristopher,

I agree that we should not be bound by other sports when trying to develop, especially for street unicycling. The fixed hub puts the unicycle in a completely different ballpark than the more flow oriented sports and it is ridiculous to try and adapt many of their tricks to the unicycle.

However, I think that grinding on a unicycle is an incredible asset to unicycling. Grinding on a unicycle is unique, because it is basically the only time you are moving forward or backwards (besides airing something) while the wheel is not moving. This is not the case on a bike or skateboard and I think that this makes grinding on a unicycle even more valuable than grinding on a bike or skateboard. Basic grinds on a unicycle are also fairly practical and easy moves to pull off. They are also fairly adaptable to many locations.

I hope that street unicycling does move away and not more towards the other sports, as the unique properties of the unicycle allow for a much different style of riding and a new set of tricks, but grinding does work very well on a unicycle.


Hey, if I can do it, then I will do it.

you dont deserve to uni, if your not supporting every aspect of unicycling, why are you riding at all?

i skateboard and snowboard, so this whole uni thing when i started, i knew i wanted to do trials/street. I have tried some freestyle type stuff, it wasnt really for me. I also do MUni which i am addicted to now, its great since i live by alot of good trails. But i am always looking for new stuff to do on my uni, i have a few other things that i havent seen done anywhere else, and right now i am working on putting together a video that im hoping i can get up in the gallery in the next month or so. I am all for furthering the sport. I am pretty much always thinking of new things to try.

Or i will be driving along in my car and i will see like a high ledge or wall, or a drop and think to myself, oh that would be awesome to ride on. Im always thinking about uni. So im just trying to come up with some new stuff.

Yes, the grind wil scratch up your uni a bit. But from what i have tried it hasnt bent it at all or done anything of that sort. Im working on building a piece to fit to the fork/crown that will be the part i will grind on to cut down on the scratching of the uni.

Well time to go ride around the park for a little before it gets dark.

Ride Hard

I personally think that street/trials unicycling is the best. But I still love to see it when others are doing amazing things on the MUni or some great freestyle things. I chose street/trials section because that’s what I’m best at, it’s alot easier to find a place to go than MUni and then I implement the simpler freestlye tricks into it. I personally want all the different types of unicycling to evolve and get better, as I love watching them and getting better myself.

Oh and well spoken uniryder.

Yikes, that’s really closed-minded. Different unicycles and riders have different strengths. You really can’t expect a highly versatile tool to be confined to such a small scope of utility. I respect that you’re not interested in trials. You should respect that not everyone wants to use a unicycle just in the bush.

Some people would say that an ultimate wheel has no business being anywhere but on a gym floor. You’ve proven them wrong - just as others have proven that grinding and other ‘extreme’ unicycle trials activities are quite viable.

I do hope you re-examine your beliefs somewhere down the road.

unicycling is all about balance. grinding is balancing. sounds like a good fit.